What was the best MTV show in the 90s?

The Best MTV Animated Shows from the Early ’90s 1 Liquid Television. Liquid Television began airing on November 30, 1991, and ran until January 1, 1995. 2 Æon Flux. Created by Peter Chung, Aeon Flux is a science fiction dystopian avant-garde animated series that began airing on MTV’s Liquid Television as shorts. 3 The Head. 4 The Maxx.

What is the animation department at MTV?

MTV’s animation department was established in the late 1980s, when it made several of the animated shorts that aired as bumpers for the network. While MTV department is often grouped with that of Nickelodeon’s, the two entities are completely separate.

When did MTV stop making animation?

During the 2000s, MTV would phase out of producing original animation in favor of importing shows, usually reruns of shows from sister networks Comedy Central and Nickelodeon . In 2011, MTV would return to adult animation.

What are some popular MTV cartoons with a mature theme?

MTV has a history of cartoons with mature themes including Beavis and Butt-Head, Æon Flux, Celebrity Deathmatch, Undergrads, Clone High and Daria. Although the channel has gone on to debut many other animated shows, few of MTV’s other cartoon series have been renewed for additional seasons,…

What are the top 10 MTV shows of all time?

Seasonal or annual 1 MTV’s New Year’s Eve (1981–2014) 2 Camp MTV (1989) 3 MTV Rock N’ Jock (1990–2004) 4 MTV Beach House (1993–96, 2003) 5 MTV’s Live and Loud (1993) 6 Fashionably Loud (1996–2002) 7 Motel California (1997) 8 Wanna Be a VJ (1998–2000) 9 MTV’s Summer Share (1998) 10 Spankin’ New Music Week (1998–2009)

Where can you watch ’90s rock music?

And back in the ’90s, it was on MTV essentially all day long, on shows like “Club MTV,” “MTV Jams,” “Alternative Nation” and “Total Request Live (TRL).”

What MTV Shows need to come back?

These ’90s & ’00s MTV Shows Need To Come Back 1. Daria (1997-2001) 2. Say What? Karaoke (1999-2001) 3. Jackass (2000-2007) 4. The Tom Green Show (1994-2000) 5. Pimp My Ride (2004-2007) 6. The Ashlee Simpson Show (2004-2005) 7. Celebrity Deathmatch (1998-2007) 8. Undressed (1999-2002) 9. Laguna