What strings do pro squash players use?

What are the best squash strings on the market? Generally, the two dominant “premium” brands used by most pros are Tecnifibre squash strings and Ashaway squash strings.

What strings does Ali Farag use?

It comes pre strung in Dunlop Great White 17G string which is 1.22mm and the tension is about 23lbs.

What tension should I string my squash racket?

How tight is tight? 40 lb. is the maximum recommended by most squash racquet manufacturers. Much tighter than that, and you risk excessive string breakage, and even racquet breakage. Below 20 lb., control becomes extremely difficult because the strings shift around too much, and power begins to drop off as well.

Can you use tennis strings squash racquets?

Previously on the squash racket was Head Perfect Power. Of couse tention is lowered to around 30lbs. So using tennis strings in a squash racket is no problem at all.

How do you pick squash strings?

Most players choose a string with an intermediate thickness of 1.20 or 1.25 mm. The composition of the string also influences its lifespan. Squash strings made of softer plastics increase your playing comfort considerably, but tend to break faster than stiffer strings made of a harder plastic.

What is the best squash racket?

Top Squash Rackets Overview

Squash Racket Frame Weight (grams) Balance
Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation Pro Lite 125 Head Light
Tecnifibre Carboflex Airshaft 125 125 Even
Dunlop Aerogel 4D Ultimate 132 Even
Head Nano Ti 110 110 Head Heavy

What racket does Mohamed El Shorbagy use?

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125
The Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Airshaft El Shorbagy Squash Racket! The brand new Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Airshaft is the latest from Tecnifbre’s flagship range used by Mohamed El Shorbagy.

Who is Ali Farag married to?

Nour El Tayeb
Personal life. He is married to fellow squash professional Nour El Tayeb and the pair set a new record becoming the first married couple to both win the same major title on the same day after winning the US Open in 2017.

What are the best squash racket strings?

Most squash players choose a string from Tecnifibre and Ashaway. These brands manufacture high-quality strings which improve the playing characteristics of your racket. The famous green Tecnifibre 305 squash string offers you excellent comfort and control over the ball.

Is Dunlop a good squash brand?

Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation Pro Lite My pick for the best overall squash racket is the Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation Pro Lite. Dunlop came out with this around 2019.