What should you not miss in Lake Garda?

Best of Lake Garda – TOP 5 places you really shouldn’t miss

  • Sirmione.
  • Grotti di Catullo in Sirmione.
  • Lake Garda as seen from Castello Scaligero in Malcesine.
  • Malcesine.
  • Limone sul Garda.
  • Limone sul Garda.
  • Riva del Garda.
  • Old Town of Riva del Garda.

What is Lake Garda known for?

Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy, located in between the Dolomites mountains. Famous for its turquoise water and beautiful nature. Renowned for its winds that make the lake a perfect place for sailing, wind- and kitesurfing. Lake Garda should definitely be on your itinerary while visiting Italy.

What can you do in Lake Garda for the day?

Lake Garda 2 Days Itinerary Stroll the picturesque streets of the old town, visit the castle, go all the way to the end of the peninsula and visit Grotte di Catulo. Have lunch at one of the many local restaurants, take a short boat ride around the old town and the peninsula.

What is there to do in a town called Garda?

Top Attractions in Garda

  • Lago di Garda. 3,342. Bodies of Water.
  • Punta di San Vigilio. 245.
  • Lungolago di Garda. 249.
  • Parco Baia delle Sirene. 410.
  • Al Corno Beach. Beaches.
  • Spiaggia Baia delle Sirene. 129.
  • Parco San Vigilio. Beach & Pool Clubs.
  • Parrocchia di Santa Maria Assunta. Churches & Cathedrals.

What is the best month to visit Lake Garda?

The best times to visit Lake Garda are spring and early summer, and in particular, from mid-April to mid-June. September, too, is a good month.

Which is better to visit Lake Como or Lake Garda?

The general perception is that Lake Garda is more touristy and crowded than Lake Como. On the other hand, Lake Como is developed all the way around the lake… but with scattered villages that range between touristy and crowded and the more “authentic.” (Como, Bellagio, and Varenna are especially popular with visitors).

Which is better Lake Garda or Como?

Is it OK to swim in Lake Garda?

Yes! Lake Garda is a great destination for a nice and refreshing swim, especially at the height of summer. Its waters vary from emerald green to turquoise blue to super dark navy making the lake look like the Mediterranean’s little sister.

How far is Lake Garda from Zurich?

The distance between Zurich Airport (ZRH) and Lake Garda is 256 km. The road distance is 433.6 km.

Which mountains are near Lake Garda?

Lake Garda. Hugged by mountains and touched by three regions, Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake. Located in the north near the cities of Verona, Mantua and Brescia , the alpine lake is a favored summer spot, not just for relaxing but for high-energy fun, too.

What country is Lake Garda in?

Lake Garda. Lake Garda ( Italian: Lago di Garda [ˈlaːɡo di ˈɡarda] or Lago Benàco, Latin: Benacus; Lombard: Lach de Garda; Venetian: Łago de Garda) is the largest lake in Italy . It is a popular holiday location in northern Italy, about halfway between Brescia and Verona, and between Venice and Milan on the edge of the Dolomites .

What to do at Lake Garda, Italy?

Things to Do in Lake Garda 1. Take a boat trip and marvel at the scenery around the lake. 2. Have fun at Gardaland and other theme parks near Peschiera 3. Sample the viniculture around the famous Bardolino wine region. 4. Go trekking or climbing in the hills north of Riva del Garda.