What reading level is surviving the applewhites?

Surviving the Applewhites

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 6 5.5

Is there a surviving the applewhites movie?

Surviving the Applewhites, the Commercial (Short 2012) – IMDb.

What is the genre of surviving the applewhites?

Children’s literature
Surviving the Applewhites/Genres

What is the theme of surviving the applewhites?

The main theme in Surviving the Applewhites is to always remember the importance of family. This is shown when Jake, an absolute delinquent at the beginning of the story who had no close family to help him be a good kid, met the Applewhites and slowly changed to become a very outgoing, smart, nice kid.

What is the plot of surviving the applewhites?

Surviving the Applewhites is the story of thirteen-year-old Jake Semple who after accidentally burning down his school, has been forced to live with an eccentric artist family to avoid being sent to a juvenile detention center.

Who wrote Surviving the Applewhites?

Stephanie S. Tolan
Surviving the Applewhites/Authors
Children’s Book Review: SURVIVING THE APPLEWHITES by Stephanie S. Tolan, Author . HarperCollins $15.99 (224p) ISBN 978-0-06-623602-5.

How old is Cordelia from surviving the applewhites?

How old is Cordelia to survive apple white? Cordelia Applewhite – 16 years old, dancer, choreographer, composer.

Who is govindaswamy in surviving the applewhites?

Zedediah Applewhite is the father of Randolph and Archie and grandfather to the Applewhite children. The family patriarch, Zedediah works at his own woodshop. He and Archie make wooden furniture. Govindaswami is Lucille’s guru.

How old is destiny in surviving the applewhites?

Destiny Applewhite is E.D.’s four-year-old brother. He is very active and asks many questions. The youngest of the kids, he forms a friendship with Jake.

What’s the setting of surviving the applewhites?

The story takes place in Wits End, North Carolina, at the Applewhite’s Academy. Which is set on the Applewhite property in the 1990s.

Who is Wolfie from surviving the applewhites?

Wolfbane (Wolfie) is the Applewhite’s goat, adopted after one of the family members found him wandering along the side of the road.

Who is Govindaswami?

Govindaswami is Lucille’s guru. He cooks really spicy Indian food and likes to meditate.

What is surviving the Applewhites?

Surviving the Applewhites is a hilarious book about an eccentric household of wildly different but all apparently crazy artistic geniuses.

How old is Jake in surviving the Applewhites?

Surviving the Applewhites was listed as a Newbery Honor Book in 2003. Told through two narrators, the story fluctuates between the perspectives of Jake and E.D. As the novel opens, we learn that Jake Sempler is a 13-year-old troublemaker with spiky red hair, a bad attitude and an eyebrow ring.

Who are the Applewhites in the Outsiders?

Only one place will take him now, and that’s a home school run by the Applewhites, a chaotic and hilarious family of artists: poet Lucille, theater director Randolph, dancer Cordelia, and dreamy Destiny. The only one who doesn’t fit the Applewhite mold is E.D.—a smart, sensible girl who immediately clashes with the defiant Jake.

What happens to the Applewhites after the play is canceled?

Irate, Mrs. Montrose cancels the play. Now left to their own innovative devices, the Applewhites decide to clean up their family barn, transform it into a proscenium, and present the production at Wit’s End rather than the theater. As they work together, the Applewhites become closer than ever before, and Jake begins to fit in.