What is the tenor pan?

Tenor Pan. The tenor pan is also called the lead or soprano pan. It is the highest pitched pan in the steelband and usually carries the melody. It is a single drum played by one person.

How many types of Steelpans are there?

The three basic types of pan are tenor pans that play melody, rhythm pans that play harmony, and bass pans. The steel band, which can contain numerous performers, can play a wide range of music which include, soca, calypso, classical, rock, reggae, jazz, pop, latin and rhythm and blues.

What are the types of steelpan?

There are several types of steel pan instruments, for example, the tenor pan, double tenor pan, guitar pan, cello pans and base pans.

What role does the tenor pan play in a band?

The main function of the tenor pan is to play the melody. They are the highest pitched instruments in the steel pan family and have a nice, bright, shrill tone.

What are the four sizes of steel pans?

The Size of Steelbands (Steel Drum Bands)

  • Solo Steel Pan.
  • Quintets/Small Gig Bands.
  • Small Steelband (up to 12 pans)
  • Medium size steelbands (up to 20 pans)
  • Large steelband (up to 30 pans)

What are the 4 sizes of steel pans?

About Steel Pans

  • Tenor (‘lead’) Pan – highest range, single barrel; traditionally plays the melody in steel band arrangements.
  • Double Tenor Pan – next highest range, comprised of two barrels.
  • Double Seconds Pan – slightly lower than the Double Tenors, also comprised of two barrels.

What are four families of steelpan?

Drums are made in families: bass pans, rhythm pans, and tenor pans. A steelpan player on High Street in Trinidad and Tobago.

What is steelpan made of?

The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards describes the steelpan as “a definite pitch percussion instrument in the idiophone class, traditionally made from a steel drum or steel container. The metallic playing surface is concave with a skirt attached.

What is a happy drum?

The HAPI (Hand Activated Percussion Instrument) Steel Tongue Drum is ideal for jamming and playing percussive beats. The note layout of the HAPI steel tongue drum makes it easy to jump right into grooving rhythms. An intuitive arrangement to the notes makes it easy to explore new musical horizons.

What is the lowest sounding steel pan drum?

Bass pan – as the name would indicate, the lowest-ranged instrument in the steel band. Due to the size of the notes used on this instrument, there may be as few as three different pitches on each barrel, requiring the use of six, eight, or even more barrels to complete a single instrument.

Who invented the tenor pan?

Bertie Marshall
Bertie Marshall – credited with inventing the double tenor pan. He also recognized the negative effects the sun had on steel pan and was the first to place canopies over the instruments when they were played outdoors.

What is the difference between soprano and high tenor pan?

Its predecessor actually contained fewer notes which were within the tenor range. However, the name “Tenor” was kept despite the higher range of its descendant, the soprano pan. The notes of this pan is arranged in the cycle of 4ths, going clockwise. The high tenor pan is a lead instrument and normally carries the melody.

What is a double tenor steel pan used for?

These steel pans have a distinctively pleasant sound, which makes them very appealing to pan soloists. The double tenor can be used to carry the melody, a harmonic voice, for counter melodies or for chords.

What is the difference between the high and low tenor?

The Low Tenor, which has a pitch range from C4 to E6 has notes that are arranged in the same order as the high tenor. The function of this steel pan is the same as that of the high tenor and it is also used by pan soloists.

What is the range of the guitar Pan?

The guitar pan uses 2 pans and got its name because it is used mainly for strumming. It is normally used to provide the harmony in a band but it can also be used for counter melody. The range of this steel drum lies from C#3 i.e. one octave below middle C, to F#5 one octave above middle C…