What is the return type of function in VBA?

A VBA function can have an optional return statement. This is required if you want to return a value from a function. For example, you can pass two numbers in a function and then you can expect from the function to return their multiplication in your calling program.

How do you return a function in VBA?

To return a value using the Return statement

  1. Put a Return statement at the point where the procedure’s task is completed.
  2. Follow the Return keyword with an expression that yields the value you want to return to the calling code.
  3. You can have more than one Return statement in the same procedure.

What is the return type of CSNG function in VBA?

The CSNG function returns a single-precision numeric value.

What is CSNG in Visual Basic?

The CSng function converts an expression to type Single. The expression must be a numeric value.

How to active function from VBA?

Now go to VBA and from the Insert menu tab,select Module as shown below.

  • In that module,create Subcategory of function in any name. For better understanding,we have created it in the name of VBA Activate Sheet in sequence.
  • Now use Sheets function for selecting any sheet.
  • What is the difference between subroutine and function in VBA?

    Subroutines and Functions. When you write VBA code you can use a subroutine (sub for short) or a function. The generic name for both is a procedure. Difference between a subroutine and a function. The basic difference between a function and a subroutine is that the function returns value and the subroutine doesn’t.

    How to call a function in VBA?

    VBA Function – Call, Return Value, & Parameters Creating a Function without Arguments. To create a function you need to define the function by giving the function a name. Calling a Function from a Sub Procedure. Once you create a function, you can call it from anywhere else in your code by using a Sub Procedure to call the Creating Functions. Exit Function.

    How do you use the right function in VBA?

    Right Function Description. The VBA Right function extracts a substring from a string, starting with the right-most character (from the end of the string). VBA Reference – String Functions. Use the Left function to extract characters from the left hand side of the string. Use the Mid function to get a substring from the middle of any string.