What is the perfect temperature and humidity for cigars?

Your cigars will smoke perfectly as long as you maintain a steady environment between 63 to 70 degrees and 65 to 72% RH. Don’t store your humidor near a source of heat like a vent, on the mantel of a roaring fireplace, or under direct sunlight. A cool and consistent room is best.

Is 80% humidity too high for cigars?

Inside the humidor cigars should be stored at a relative humidity of approximately 68-74%. In the 65-75% range cigars can be stored for long periods of time without any concern. Caution is required, however, if the humidity level should exceed 80%. In this case the cigar can begin to rot and mold.

What humidity should cigars be kept at?

According to aficionados, cigars should be kept at humidity levels between 65%-72%.

Can cigars be storing at 62 humidity?

A blanket rule of thumb in the cigar world is that most cigars fare best with a relative humidity of 70% and a temperature of 68 degrees. Depending on the season, these numbers can be challenging to maintain. Therefore, a range of between 62 and 72 percent humidity is acceptable.

Should cigars stay in plastic in humidor?

Once you’ve bought the cigar and are placing it in your humidor, we recommend you remove the cellophane. Cellophane will prevent humidity from reaching the cigar, and you’ll find the cigars will respond to humidification better if the overwrap has been removed.

What temp is too low for cigars?

A temperature of 64-70°F (18-21°C) is considered ideal. At lower temperatures, below 54°F (12°C), the desired aging process of the cigars is impaired.

Is 74 RH too high for cigars?

Optimum relative humidity to store cigars The optimum relative humidity rate in the humidor should be 68-74%. In an environment so humidified and placed at the optimum temperature, the cigar can absorb, therefore, the ideal humidity rate, from 12% to 15% of its weight.

Should I take cigars out of wrapper in humidor?

Is 62 too cold for cigars?

Weather and Cigar Storage Ideal conditions for storing your cigars are 70% RH (relative humidity) and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. An acceptable range of roughly 62-72% RH and 62-70 degrees exists, but consistent conditions benefit handmade cigars most. Storing your cigars over 70 degrees can lead to an outbreak of beetles.

Should cigars be unwrapped in a humidor?