What is the literacy rate of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

53 percent
The data shows that literacy rate is higher in urban areas (76 percent) than in rural areas (51 percent). Province wise data suggests that Punjab leads with 63 percent followed by Sindh with 60 percent, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 53 percent and Balochistan with 44 percent.

Which city of KPK has highest literacy rate?

Peshawar city has 55.04 percent literacy rate while FR Peshawar has 53 percent literacy rate. However, Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has the highest literacy with 76.20 percent as compared to other districts of KP.

Which country has the highest literacy rate?

Finland is the world’s most literate nation, according to new research, with the UK coming in 17th, behind countries including the US, Canada and Australia.

Which district of Pakistan has lowest literacy rate?

Comparing Literacy (10 years and above) for districts within the provinces, it is revealed that Islamabad with 82 percent, Karachi with 79 percent, Haripur with 70 percent and Quetta with 64 percent are at the top ranked districts, whereas Rajanpur with 34 percent, Thatta with 36 percent, Kohistan with 26 and Dera …

What is the literacy rate of Balochistan?

Punjab has the highest literacy rate of 64pc followed by Sindh 58pc, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (excluding merged areas) 55pc, KP (including merged areas) 53pc and Balochistan 46pc.

What is the literacy rate of Pakistan in 2021?

Pakistan Literacy Rate 1981-2021

Similar Country Ranking
Country Name Literacy Rate
Egypt 71.17%
Bhutan 66.56%
Pakistan 59.13%

Which country has highest literacy rate in Asia?

10 Most Literate Asian Countries

Rank Country Youth literacy as a percentage of population, 2016
1 Azerbaijan 99.94%
2 Singapore 99.93%
3 Macau 99.80%
4 Indonesia 99.67%

Which province has 79 of literacy rate?

Among all provinces, Punjab has the highest literacy rate (79 percent) followed by KPK (72 percent).

Which country has the highest literacy rate in Asia?

Currently, the countries with the highest literacy rates in Asia include Azerbaijan, Singapore, Macao, Indonesia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, and Myanmar….10 Most Literate Asian Countries.

Rank Country Youth literacy as a percentage of population, 2016
1 Azerbaijan 99.94%
2 Singapore 99.93%
3 Macau 99.80%
4 Indonesia 99.67%

Which country has the lowest literacy rate in Asia?

Among the Asian countries, Georgia has the highest literacy rate whereas East Timor has the lowest literacy rate….List of Asian Countries by Literacy Rate.

Country Bhutan
UNESCO literacy rate Literacy rate (all) 64.9%
Male literacy 73.1%
Female literacy 55.0%
Gender difference 18.1%

What is the literacy rate of Rawalpindi?

The literacy rate (10 years and above) in Rawalpindi is as high as 83 percent, with the rural literacy rate just 6 percentage points lower than the urban literacy rate (86%). Female literacy is lower in both urban and rural areas.

Which city of Punjab has highest literacy rate?

Hoshiarpur district
Further, within Punjab, district-wise data reveal wide disparity in literacy rates. Table 3 shows that Hoshiarpur district is the most literate in the state, with a literacy rate of 81.40 per cent, followed by Rupnagar (78.49%), Jalandhar (77.91%), Nawanshahr (76.86%) and Ludhiana (76.54%).

What is the current literacy rate in Pakistan?

Area wise analysis suggests that literacy rate increased in both rural (51.9% to 53.3%) and urban areas (76.0% to 76.6%). It is also observed that male-female disparity is decreasing with time. The literacy rate increased in most provinces with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa going from 54.1% to 55.3%, Punjab 61.9% to 64.7% and Balochistan 54.3% to 55.5%.

What is the literacy rate of KPK?

Due to the growing number of security threats, families are always concerned about sending their children to school. In 1972 and 1998, the literacy rate of KPK was 15.50% and 35.40%, and in 2012, 2013 and 2014, it was 60%, 52% and 53%. According to recent reports, KPK’s literacy rate is 50%.

What is the average rainfall in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

The monsoon, although short, is generally powerful. As a result, the southern slopes of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are the wettest part of Pakistan. Annual rainfall ranges from around 500 millimetres (20 in) in the most sheltered areas to as much as 1,750 millimetres (69 in) in parts of Abbottabad and Mansehra Districts.

What is the type of government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1 Type Self-governing Province subject to the Federal Government 2 Body Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 3 Chief Minister Mahmood Khan ( PTI) 4 Legislature Provincial Assembly 5 High Court Peshawar High Court Area 6 Rank