What is the hardest Enduro race in the world?

Top 10 Hard Enduro Races In The World

  • Erzberg Rodeo. The Erzberg Rodeo and its featured race, the Red Bull Hare Scramble, is the event that put extreme off-road racing on the modern-day map.
  • Romaniacs.
  • Sea to Sky.
  • Novemberkasan.
  • Hixpania.
  • Minas Riders.
  • TKO (Tennessee Knockout)
  • Roof of Africa.

What is an enduro MTB race?

Enduro is a form of mountain bike racing, but you will also hear “enduro” used as an adjective to describe a certain trail, bike, piece of mountain biking equipment or clothing. The timed portions of the race are mostly downhill but can vary in steepness, length, and difficulty depending on location.

What is a Sprint enduro?

Simply put, Sprint Enduro is individual off-road motorcycle racing, against the clock. The most well known is Hard Enduro. Then there’s the Enduro World Championship and the International Six Days Enduro, both of which use the more traditional stage and special stage format similar to car rallying.

How long are hard enduro races?

In some races, even buildings or man-made structures are used as course obstacles. Races are held in all-weather from hot and dry to cold and wet. A hard enduro race will last several hours and can be one or several consecutive days.

What should I bring to an enduro race?

Warm weather

  1. 1 back protector vest or armored backpack (mandatory for most enduros)
  2. 1 pair of kneepads (mandatory for most enduros)
  3. 1 full face helmet (mandatory for most enduros)
  4. 2 jerseys (add a third if you plan to podium)
  5. 1 pair of MTB shoes.
  6. 2 pairs of liner shorts.
  7. 2 pairs of gloves.
  8. 3 pairs of socks.

What protection do pro enduro riders wear?

2. Goggles. Professional racers always wear full-face helmets and goggles when racing. Single lens goggles offer ultimate eye protection and should be a must-have on your enduro kit list.

How long is a Sprint Enduro?

A Sprint Enduro follows the rules for enduros with the following exceptions. There is a time limitation to complete the required test section or tests. Test sections will be 2-7 miles in length and may consist of various terrain including woods, motocross, man-made obstacles, grass tracks, and other off-road terrain.

What is an Enduro test?

The Enduro Test or Woods Test will be a primarily wooded race course with a combination of well-defined trail, fire roads, single track trail, and some grass track that will be marked with arrows and ribbon.

What are the best tracks to race at in Pennsylvania?

Mahoning Valley Speedway – Lehighton, PA Motordome Speedway – Smithton, PA Mountain Speedway – St. Johns, PA Pocono Raceway – Long Pond, PA

Who takes the overall at the Beehive Enduro?

Kyle McDonal takes the Overall at the Beehive Enduro. More than 300 riders took to the trails for a great day of enduro timekeeping. Next up is casual riding with HMDR at the Wallow in Read more… Get ready to ride, race and have fun. Beehive, Michaux, Moonshine enduros.

How many NASCAR tracks are there in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania also features one track that plays host to the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. For the Enduro racer, the Keystone State offers sixteen circle tracks with Enduro races as well as thirty three tracks with divisions ranging from Hornet and Mini Stock to Bomber and 4 Cylinder.

How many dirt tracks are there in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Dirt Tracks. Read More about Pennsylvania race tracks. Currently, there are forty eight race tracks in Pennsylvania, including five asphalt tracks and forty three dirt tracks.