What is the Dictionary of Occupational Titles?

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) was created under the sponsorship by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA), and was last updated in 1991. The DOT was replaced by the O*Net, and ETA no longer supports the DOT.

How many occupational definitions are there in the dot?

The fourth edition of the DOT published in 1977, contained over 2,100 new occupational definitions and several thousand other definitions were substantially modified or combined with related definitions. In order to document these changes, approximately 75,000 on-site job analysis studies were conducted from 1965 to the mid-1970’s.

How many definitions are in the Occupational Classification system?

The first edition contained approximately 17,500 concise definitions presented alphabetically, by title, with a coding arrangement for occupational classification. Blocks of jobs were assigned 5- or 6-digit codes which placed them in one of 550 occupational groups and indicated whether the jobs were skilled, semi- skilled, or unskilled.

How many types of occupational definitions are in the supplement?

The 1986 supplement contained 840 occupational definitions; of these, 761 were not defined in the fourth edition. Changes in occupational content and job characteristics due to technological advancement continue to occur at a rapid pace.


Why is the oalj copy of the dot so often cited?

It is because the DOT is still used in Social Security disability adjudications and the OALJ copy of the DOT is often cited as an authoritative source of the DOT.

What is the definition of an occupation?

“Occupation” is a collective description of a number of individual jobs performed, “with minor variations”, in many establishments. DOT defines “occupations” through “comprehensive studies” of how similar jobs are performed in different work places. No clear definition.