What is the command form of Tomar?


inglés él/ella/usted
Affirmative Imperative Take! tome
Negative Commands Don’t take! no tome

What is Tomar in preterite form?

Tomar is conjugated as a regular ar verb in the preterite tense….Tomar Conjugation: Preterite Tense.

yo tomé
él/ella tomó
nosotros/as tomamos
vosotros/as tomasteis

Is Tomar masculine or feminine?


infinitive tomar
gerund tomando
past participle masculine
3rd person

What is the present progressive form of Tomar?

Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb tomar in Present Progressive tense….Mode: Indicative.

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Yo estoy tomando
Tu estás tomando
El/Ella está tomando
Nosotros estamos tomando

Is Tomar reflexive?

Tomar is a very common verb that carries the idea of taking, although it can be translated in many ways. It often suggests that a choice of some sort was made. Tomar is used in a variety of phrases and idioms. The reflexive form, tomarse, usually has no translatable difference in meaning than the standard form.

What is the plural of Tomar?

tomar to take to drink
plural plural pluralistic

What is the correct Spanish verb conjunction for they understand?

Conjugating the Irregular Spanish Verb Entender (to Understand/Know About)

Conjugation Translation
usted entiende You (formal) understand
nosotros entendemos We understand
vosotros entendéis You all (informal) understand
ellos/ellas entienden They understand

How do you write Spanish commands?

The formation of this tense depends on whether your command is affirmative or negative. To conjugate the affirmative tú command use the él/ella/usted form of the present tense. For example: hablar is conjugated habla….

Affirmative Negative
Hacer Haz No hagas
Tener Ten No tengas
Ir Ve No vayas
Poner Pon No pongas

Is Tomar regular?

Tomar is a regular -ar verb.