What is Preikestolen known for?

Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock), the most famous tourist attraction in Ryfylke, towers an impressive 604 metres over the Lysefjord. Preikestolen is one of Rogaland county’s most visited attractions, and one of the country’s most spectacular photo subjects.

Has anyone fallen from Preikestolen?

Local sheriff Odd-Bjørn Næss said it was the first time anyone had accidentally fallen over the edge of Preikestolen. As many as 200,000 people visit the attraction every year. The flat granite plateau rises 600 metres above the Lyse Fjord, and was formed during the ice age 10,000 years ago.

Has anyone ever died at Pulpit Rock?

However, despite the limited precautionary measures, the Pulpit Rock has experienced very few fatalities. This is a fact, even though it is one of Norway’s most visited attraction.

How long is the Preikestolen hike?

About the route Length: 6 km from Preikestolen mountain lodge. The trip takes about two hours to the top, and about 4 hours both ways, including a stop at the top. Preikestolen reaches 604 meters above Lysefjorden. There is no fence or barrier at the plateau, so be careful and mind your steps!

Can you hike Preikestolen?

The hike to Preikestolen is a total of eight kilometres, and the round trip takes four hours. The hike has an elevation gain of about 500 metres, and some sections are steep. As the hike is graded as medium difficulty, you should have some trekking experience in rough terrain before embarking on this trip.

How tall is Preikestolen?

Pulpit Rock/Elevation

What is Preikestolen made of?

Preikestolen is located near the Western part of the fjord, and on its North side….

Location Rogaland, Norway
Topo map 1313 III Lyngsvatnet
Mountain type Granite

How do you get preikestolen?

There are two ways you can go to get to Preikestolen and both involve a ferry. You can drive to Stavanger harbour and take the ferry to the town of Tau. From there it’s about a 30 to 45-minute drive to the starting point of the hike. Tickets for the ferry are bought onboard.

Can you hike preikestolen in December?

On peak days, this may lead to full parking lots, some on-trail crowding, and waiting lines at the most popular picture locations. If you can travel other times of the year, we can highly recommend visiting Preikestolen off-season. During the months of September, October, November, and December, the days shorten.

How do you get Preikestolen?

Can you hike Preikestolen in December?

Can you hike preikestolen?

What is Preikestolen in Norway famous for?

Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) towers 604 metres above the Lysefjord, and the trek there is one of Norway’s most famous mountain hikes. The interest in Preikestolen is high, with more than 300,000 nature-loving hikers visiting the renowned rock formation every year.

What type of mountain is Preikestolen?

Mountain type. Granite. Preikestolen or Prekestolen (English: “The Pulpit Rock”, “Pulpit” or “Preacher’s Chair”) is a tourist attraction in the municipality of Forsand in Rogaland county, Norway.

Where to go in Ryfylke?

Preikestolen . Ryfylke is made up of mighty nature with fjords and mountains, from the Lysefjord in the south to the Ryfylke Scenic Route and Sauda in the north. The main attraction is the magnificent nature, which provides numerous opportunities for an active holiday.

What does preikesten stand for?

Preikestolen or Prekestolen (English: “The Pulpit Rock”, “Pulpit”, or “Preacher’s Chair”) is a tourist attraction in the municipality of Strand in Rogaland county, Norway. Preikestolen is a steep cliff which rises 604 metres (1,982 ft) above Lysefjorden.