What is Post column?

Post-column derivatization, also known as post-column reaction, renders visible certain compounds that are normally invisible. This trick is accomplished after the separation by performing a chemical reaction on the substances that gives them an easily-detectable physical property.

What is a thermostatted column compartment?

The Agilent 1290 Infinity Thermostatted Column Compartment facilitates precise column thermostatting over a temperature range from 10 °C below ambient up to 100 °C, providing infinite flexibility for optimizing the speed and selectivity of a separation.

What is TCC in Agilent HPLC?

Agilent 1200 Series G1316A TCC (Thermostatted Column Compartment) The Agilent 1200 Series G1316A TCC Thermostatted Column Compartment provides stable column cooling and heating up to 80 °C for standard applications. An optional 2-position/6-port switching valve is available for 600 bar operation.

What is GC column?

Capillary columns are gas chromatography (GC) columns that have the stationary phase coating their inner surfaces rather than being packed into the cavity. Capillary GC columns are used to analyze samples for the individual chemical compounds that they contain.

What is the difference between post and column?

These are two different words for the same type of structure. A column is a vertical elongated structure, usually supporting beams or slabs. A post is the same thing, but sometimes also used for elongated structures which are not vertical. Column is more popular in Europe, post if used in US.

What is pre column and post column derivatization?

The pre-column method derivatizes the amino acids prior to separation on the C18 column. In the post-column method the samples are derivatized by a reagent after the separation using an ion-exchange column.

What are PLOT columns?

PLOT columns generally are made by conglomerates of particles that are deposited as a layer inside of the capillary. The layer is porous, meaning that the gas pressure inside the column also will be present between the individual particles.

Why capillary column is preferred over packed column?

A gas chromatography capillary column is a popular type which comes with its stationary phase being coated on its inner surface. These columns are mostly preferred over the packed variants because they require smaller amounts of sample for the chromatography process. The stationary phase gets absorbed by this material.