What is P1 and P2 parking in Pune?

The age-old “P1/P2” scheme has been incorporated in several streets where parking is allowed only on one side of the road depending on odd/even dates. Traffic cops have tried to ban parking on mobility corridors during peak hours.

Does 4P mean free parking?

4P – maximum of 4 hours of parking permitted. 9P – all day parking permitted.

How does parking work in Australia?

A guide to the most common parking signs is below: ‘1/2P’, ‘1P’, ‘3P’: Vehicles can be parked here for half an hour, one hour, or three hours. ’15 minute’, ’20 minute’, ’45 minute’: Vehicles may be parked here only for the specified number of minutes. ‘P’ (no number): Permissive parking zone.

Who can park in a loading zone NZ?

The good news is that absolutely anybody can park in a “P5 Loading Zone” to pick up or drop off, providing the vehicle is not left unattended for longer than the time displayed on the sign (five minutes in this case). It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle… or what you’re doing really.

What is odd and even parking?

1, an odd date. That means you should park on the side of the street with odd addresses. The next night, enforcement will begin at 1 a.m. Nov 2, an even date, so you should park on the even side. The rules are not enforced between the hours of 6 p.m. and 1 a.m. More information can be found online.

What is P parking?

The letter P, on its own, means there is no time limit and you can park any time for any length of time. A number before or next to the P means there is a time limit for how long you can park within the hours signed. Park in bays only sign. You must only park in the available car parking bays. No stopping signs.

What is 2P parking in Australia?

two hours
In Australia, 2P means you are allowed to park your car there for two hours for free. ‘2P meter’ means you are allowed to park for two hours but you will have to pay. You would need to look for a ‘parking meter’ or a ‘ticket machine’ to pay the parking fee.

Is parking over a driveway illegal?

If someone is blocking your driveway, or their wheel is over the dropped kerb, they are committing a parking offence. But parking very close to a dropped kerb or directly opposite it isn’t illegal, even if it restricts access. …

What side of the street is even?

Those on the Left, or West side of the street, are EVEN Numbers. On a East/West Street: Standing facing East, all houses on the Right, or South side of the street, are ODD Numbers. Those on the Left, or North side of the street, are EVEN Numbers.

What does even days mean?

I’ve been using the words “odd days” and “even days” for years to refer to every other day of a week. For example I’d call Saturday, Monday and Wednesday “even days” and Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday “odd days”.

What 2P means?

Acronym Definition
2P Two-Person (team)
2P Second Player
2P Two-Port
2P Proven Plus Probable (oil and gas industry classification)

What does 2p mean on a parking ticket?

Answer Wiki. This means you can park for two hours in that particular parking spot. The 2P will typically be green text. Be careful to see if it says TICKET underneath that ie 2P TICKET, ticket indicates that you will need to pay to park and you can park in that area for a maximum 2 hours.

What is privatep2 parking?

P2 Parking offers safe, secure, central and affordable parking…. Affordable central parking, payable by mobile Long-stay and short-stay, and overnight parking Secure location, open 24hrs a day

What is the meaning of P2 in computer?

Definition. P2. Pollution Prevention. P2. Primary 2 (various organizations) P2. Phase II. P2. Pentium II (Intel)

What does it mean when a parking ticket says 2 hours?

It means you are able to park there for 2 hours. There are sometimes variations on this, including during specific time periods specified, or if it says “ticket” then that means it’s paid parking.