What is OutDir?

28. $(OutDir) is a Visual Studio Build Property Macro. You can see the values of macros using the Macros >> button in many Properties dialogs. For instance, in Properties->General->Output Directory, click the dropdown in the value text box, choose Edit…, and in the resulting dialog, click the Macros >> button.

What is $( TargetDir?

$(TargetDir) The directory of the primary output file for the build (defined as drive + path); includes the trailing backslash ‘\’.

What is MSBuildProjectDirectory?

MSBuildProjectDirectory is the property that will give you the full path to the project file which was invoked on the command line.

What is SolutionDir in Visual Studio?

Sign in to vote. $(SolutionDir) This is the Path of your working Solution Directory. $(ConfigurationName) This is the option of setting when you compile project,for example Debug or Release.

Where is $( TargetDir?

The $(TargetDir) property gets set on line 158 of Microsoft. Common. targets, which lives in your . NET Framework 2.0 directory.

What is a directory in Visual Studio?

Usually a Visual Studio project directory is a sub-directory of a solution directory. However, it doesn’t need to be. E.g. you can add a project to multiple solutions. For any given project, in the project settings the location of the project directory is available via the $(ProjectDir) macro expansion.

What is the difference between Installdir and Targetdir?

The TARGETDIR property specifies the root destination directory for the installation. As defined here: TARGETDIR Property. AFAIK, INSTALLDIR is InstallShield defined so it doesn’t work in Visual Studio made setup makes sense here.

Where is $( Targetdir?

What is MSBuildExtensionsPath?

$(MSBuildExtensionsPath) is the path for the MSBuild which is in the C:\Program Files (x86) or C:\Program Files depending on the application’s version(32bit or 64 bit).

Where is MSBuildBinPath?

$(MSBuildBinPath) is set to the ToolsPath value that is specified either in the registry or in the configuration file where the ToolsVersion is defined. The $(MSBuildToolsPath) setting in the registry or the configuration file specifies the location of the core tasks and targets.

Where is Msbuildtoolspath?

Under C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\14.0\Bin there are other files like: Microsoft. Common. targets, Microsoft.

How use #define in C#?

#define lets you define a symbol. By using the symbol as the expression passed to the #if directive, the expression evaluates to true . You can also define a symbol with the DefineConstants compiler option. You can undefine a symbol with #undef .