What is non functional upgrade?

NFU, also known as non-functional financial upgradation, is a provision that allows officers a raise in salary and perks in keeping with the pay grade of the next rank when they cannot be promoted because of a lack of vacancies. This is such an irony,” the officer added.

Is NFU treated as promotion?

However, since this NFU was not a promotion, it did not count for 2nd ACP, which was in force till 31.08. Therefore, 2nd MACP, in lieu of 2nd ACP, still remained due. Accordingly, they were granted the next higher pay scale of PB-3 + GP Rs. 5400 scale (Rs.

What is non functional grade?

In the Non-Functional Selection Grade, the duties and responsibilities attached to the posts are the same. as those of the next lower grade, i.e. JAG. Such selection grade is given to a specified number of officers in the JAG under certain conditions and does not involve a change of command.

What is non functional promotion?

Nonfunctional promotion is generally tenure based without any relationship with existing vacancy. In nonfunctional promotion the normal method of pay fixation is placement in the higher pay scale without any fixation benefit. But such treatment is often waived by the Government by special order.

What is NFU in govt job?

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON NON-FUNCTIONAL UPGRADATION (NFU) S.No. Point of doubt Clarification 1. What are the recommendations of 6th CPC for grant of Non-Functional Upgradation to for Officers of Organized Group ‘A’ Services?

What is financial upgradation under ACP scheme?

The financial upgradations under the ACP Scheme is placement in the higher Pay Scale and financial benefits in the higher Pay Scale without regular promotion. Under the financial upgradation, grant of financial benefits under the ACP Scheme to the government servants concerned is on personal basis.

What is SAG level?

Non-functional Up-gradation (NFU) of ITS Group ‘A’ Officers in the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) in the Pay Band-4 of Rs. 37,400 – Rs. 67,000 with grade pay of Rs. 10,000/-

What is NFFU and NFSG?

The cabinet also approved extension of benefit of Non-Functional Financial Upgradation (NFFU) and Non-Functional Selection Grade (NFSG).

What is ACP in salary in Haryana?

as Clerk 19-01-1990) has been granted 1st ACP-on 1-2-2000 in the pay scale of Rs. 4000-6000 and promoted as Assistant on 18-09-2008 in the pay scale 9300- 34800+3200 GP. In case of Mr.

How is Macp fixed?

Firstly, on the date of grant of MACP, the Basic Pay will be fixed in next level on the same figure (if exist) or next higher figure. Increase in TA (if applicable) is also applicable from the date of grant of MACP. Then, on 1st July (date of annual increment), One Annual Increment will be given in previous level.

What is Non Functional Upgradation (NFU)?

DOPT further clarified that with the introduction of Non Functional Upgradation (NFU), the demand for competitive mobility may subside as it will ensure uniformity at least in terms of financial upgradation across the board. (Monograph on Cadre review of Group A Central Services -2010).

What is the level of pay for Non Functional Upgradation?

** In respect of Accounts Department Officiers, similar procedure may be followed for fixation of Pay on grant of Non functional Upgradation from Level-9 to Level-10 in respect of officials officiating in Sr.Scale (Level-11) prior to grant of NFU.

What are the terms and conditions for grant of NFU?

The terms and conditions for grant of NFU are prescribed in the Annexure to the OM dated 24.4.2009. As per the same all the eligibility criteria and promotional norms including ‘benchmark’ for upgradation to a particular grade pay would have to be met at the time of screening for grant of higher pay scale under these orders.

What is pay fixation under grant of Non-Functional Upgradation under CCS?

(i) Pay fixation under on grant of non-functional upgradation under these orders will be done as per the provisions of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 i.e. the officers will be granted one increment at the rate of 3% of basic pay and the difference of grade pay will be added to their basic pay. (ii) As far as similarly placed officers of organized Gr.