What is Nanaimo named after?

Nanaimo is an ancient Coast Salish gathering place (the name Nanaimo is derived from the Coast Salish “Snuneymuxw”, meaning ‘great and mighty people.

Why are Nanaimo bars called that?

It is named after Nanaimo, British Columbia, where it was popularized in the years following the Second World War. It subsequently rose to wider prominence after Expo 86. In 2006, the Nanaimo bar was declared Canada’s favourite confection by a reader’s poll in the National Post.

How old is Nanaimo BC?

Founded on coal mining in the early 1850s, the City evolved from a small Hudson Bay Company outpost to the dynamic regional service centre for the mid-Island that it is today.

What makes Nanaimo unique?

The chocolatey, custard-layered, crumbly treat has made Nanaimo internationally famous, and although you may find it out there under another name (New York Slice, London Fog Bar), make no mistake, it’s ours. And it’s the best sweet treat out there! (yeah, we’re proud of it.

What is Nanaimo known for?

Nanaimo was dedicated as the “Harbour City” by Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1986. The city is the axis of several transportation routes: the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway (now Southern Railway Vancouver Island); the TRANS-CANADA and Island highways; and ferry services to and from mainland British Columbia.

How large is Nanaimo?

35.25 mi²

How is life in Nanaimo?

Living and working in Nanaimo is sustainable, invogorating, and promotes a balanced quality of life. With a living wage significantly lower than that of Victoria, Vancouver, and comparable regions, the Mid VI is refreshing place to make a living, go out and explore, and come home to.

Is Nanaimo rural?

The Regional District of Nanaimo has a diverse mix of rural and urban areas. Rural areas are increasingly desirable to people who seek the peace and quiet rural life can offer.

What is the difference between Vancouver and Nanaimo?

Nanaimo – a town in southwestern British Columbia on Vancouver Island to the west of Vancouver. British Columbia – a province in western Canada.

Where did the Nanaimo Cookie come from?

The cookie borrows mostly from the Nanaimo bar, a Canadian classic I learned about from a family in Vancouver, not far from its namesake town. The large figure on the right reminds us of the human form of the petroglyph at Nanaimo. We expect to reach Nanaimo early to-morrow morning where the ship will coal.

What is it like to live in Nanaimo?

Some of the interests of a Nanaimoite is of course – Yoga, smoking weed, gossip, backstabbing, walking around Wood-Grove Center like a zombie and creating coalitions to oust people who threaten their insular world views. Historical sites include The Bastion and a chunk of coal in the downtown area.