What is livelive video analytics and deepstream SDK?

Live Video Analytics and NVIDIA DeepStream SDK can be used to build hardware-accelerated AI video analytics apps that combine the power of NVIDIA graphic processing units (GPUs) with Azure cloud services, such as Azure Media Services, Azure Storage, Azure IoT, and more.

What is video analyzer cloud service?

The Video Analyzer cloud service enables you to play back the video and video analytics from such workflows. IoT solutions that combine video analytics with signals from other IoT sensors and/or business data can help you automate or semi-automate business decisions, resulting in productivity improvements.

What is the live video analytics platform?

In June 2020, we announced the preview of the Live Video Analytics platform—a groundbreaking new set of capabilities in Azure Media Services that allows you to build workflows that capture and process video with real-time analytics from the intelligent edge to intelligent cloud.

What is the difference between video analyzer and video analytics?

Video can be published to the edge or the Video Analyzer cloud service, while video analytics can be published to Azure services (in the cloud and/or the edge). The platform can be used to enhance IoT solutions with video analytics.


How do I use live video analytics with AI?

You can use Live Video Analytics to build video workflows that span the edge and cloud, and then combine DeepStream SDK to build pipelines to extract insights from video using the AI of your choice. The diagram above illustrates how you can record video clips that are triggered by AI events to Azure Media Services in the cloud.

What is the live video analytics module?

The Live Video Analytics module will capture live video from real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) cameras and invoke the spatial analysis module for AI processing. These modules can be configured to enable video analysis and the recording of clips locally or to Azure Blob storage.

Can I run live video analytics on IoT edge on Linux?

You can now run Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge on Linux Arm64v8 devices, enabling you to use low power-consumption, low-footprint devices such as the NVIDIA® Jetson™ series. The new IoT Central video analytics template simplifies the setup of an Azure IoT Edge device to act as a gateway between cameras and Azure cloud services.