What is Hawkeyes baby called?

Nathaniel Pietro “Nate” Barton is the third child of Clint and Laura Barton. He is named after two Avengers, with his first name being the masculine form of Natasha, after Natasha Romanoff, while his middle name is in tribute to Pietro Maximoff.

What did Hawkeye name his kids?

Barton and Laura had two children, Cooper and Lila, who were raised in secrecy at the farmhouse.

Did Clint Barton name his son after Pietro?

After the battle, Barton goes into retirement and returns home, where he and Laura name their newborn son Nathaniel Pietro Barton, in honor of Romanoff and Pietro.

Why did Black Widow call the baby a traitor?

But a fetal ultrasound must have revealed that the baby is a boy. That meant that they couldn’t name him after Natasha. Thus the secret agent, jokingly looks at Laura’s baby bump and calls the unborn child a traitor, for denying her that which brought her so much excitement.

Who is Hawkeye’s oldest child?

Lila Barton is the daughter of Laura and Clint Barton. In her preteen years, she had taken a liking to archery, much like her father. Barton’s life was one of the trillions claimed in the Snap in 2018, although she was resurrected five years later in 2023 in the Blip.

How is Kate Bishop related to Hawkeye?

Kate and Clint aren’t related to one another by blood in either the comics or the Disney+ show, they are instead linked by the Hawkeye moniker.

Does Lila Barton become Hawkeye?

Her father congratulated her, calling her “Hawkeye”. As Barton went to collect the arrow, she disintegrated from the Snap. Barton is reunited with her father Five years later, as a result of the Blip, Barton was restored to life, along with her mother and brothers.

Who are Hawkeyes kids?

Known only to his closest confidantes, he is married to Laura Barton and together, the couple have three children, Cooper, Lila and Nathaniel.

Is Hawkeye Clint’s daughter?

Lila manages to shoot a perfect bullseye, and Clint is proud. He calls his daughter Hawkeye and then before Clint knows it, Lila and the rest of his family disintegrate into nothingness, victims of Thanos’s snap. Thankfully Lila is resurrected along with all of the other snap victims later on in Avengers: Endgame.