What is GV AIESEC?

There’s nothing like being in a brand new country, living and volunteering with people from all around. On a Global Volunteer project, you work towards tackling the issues you’re most passionate about. Challenge yourself. Do something new, get out of your comfort zone and discover the best version of yourself.

Do AIESEC volunteers get paid?

Can I find any paid volunteer programs with AIESEC? No, Global volunteer program has no stipend provided. However, you can work in a local office of AIESEC as a local volunteer if you live close to an area that comes under one of our local offices.


Incoming Global Talent — AIESEC Canada Hub.


What is AIESEC? AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. We are a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education.

What do AIESEC members do?

AIESEC is an international youth-run, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences.

Does AIESEC give certificates?

Upon the completion of volunteering, AIESEC can offer a certificate or reference letters upon request.

Is AIESEC under UN?

AIESEC is a non-governmental in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), is an independent arm of the UN DPI and UN’s Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, member of ICMYO, and is recognized by UNESCO.

Can I join AIESEC?

AIESEC welcomes anyone of any background to volunteer through AIESEC as long as you are aged between 18-30 years old. You do not have to be currently enrolled in any educational institutes, nor do you need to undergo a background check prior to the volunteer program.

What are the AIESEC values?

The six core values of AIESEC are: striving for excellence, demonstrating integrity, activating leadership, acting sustainably, enjoying participation and living diversity. We focus on these values to ensure that the young people who take part in AIESEC become leaders of positive impact.

Is AIESEC good Quora?

Joining AIESEC is definitely a good idea, specially if you are interested in building an international career. I was a member in 2012 and today I am working abroad using the AIESEC network. I produce videos for the USA market, and I coordinate some of the marketing strategies of an IT startup in India.

How can AIESEC help you?

Develop yourself through a cross-cultural experience abroad. Work towards a cause you care about and for your personal and professional development AIESEC is a global platform for young people to develop their leadership potential through international internships and volunteer opportunities.

How many opportunities does AIESEC offer its premium partners?

AIESEC’s Premium Partners are present in different countries and territiories around the world. Each partner opens around 10 – 70 opportunities yearly in the global headquarters or regional/country offices. Over 400 opportunities are available yearly for top candidates across backgrounds.

Where is AIESEC registered?

AIESEC International is registered as Foundation (Stichting), RSIN # 807103895 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

What are the language requirements for AIESEC?

Language requirements depend on the project, but basic knowledge of English should normally be sufficient. AIESEC stands for equal treatment in terms of origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, ethnic or social affiliation.