What is flared screwdriver?

A Flared driver is one which has a tip which has been flattened so that the edge is slightly wider than the shaft. Flared screwdrivers have an edge slightly wider than the shaft. Parallel screwdrivers have an edge which is the same width as the shaft.

What are the different types of screwdriver bits?

Most Common Screw Driver Bit Types

  • Phillips Bits.
  • Pozidrive Bits.
  • Slotted Bits.
  • Torx Bits.
  • Tamperproof Torx Bits.
  • Internal Hex Bits.
  • Square Recess Bits.
  • Nutsetters.

What is a flathead screwdriver?

A flat-head screwdriver is a screwdriver with a wedge-shaped flat tip, used to tighten or loosen screws that have a straight, linear notch in their heads. This is arguably the most common tool on the planet—the ubiquitous flat-head screwdriver.

What size is a 00 screwdriver?


Head Type Phillips
Phillips Head Size PH00
Overall Length 6″ (152.4 mm)
Weight 0.032 lb (14.51 g)
UPC # 811490017474

Which screwdriver is used in blind space?

The offset screwdriver has a handle set at right angles to the small blade, providing access to narrow spaces and giving extra torque.

What does VDE mean in screwdrivers?

VDE stands for Verband der Elektrotechnik, who is responsible for testing and certifying tools and appliances. The VDE Testing and Certification Institute is a nationally and internationally accredited institution in the field of testing and certification of electrical engineering devices, components, and systems.

What are square screwdriver bits called?

Square or Robertson This type of screw will require the use of screwdriver bits are known as square recess bits or roberston bits. The are sometimes called roberston because they were invented by a Canadian named P.L. Roberston in 1908.

Why is it called Phillips-head?

Henry Frank Phillips (June 4, 1889 – April 13, 1958) was an American businessman from Portland, Oregon. The Phillips-head (“crosshead”) screw and screwdriver are named after him. Thompson who, in 1932, patented (#1,908,080) a recessed cruciform screw and in 1933, a screwdriver for it.

What is a p1 screwdriver?

The Phillips #1 screw is the most commonly used fastener in the internals of “larger” electronics like home theater hardware, game consoles, laptops, PCs, and server racks. This particular size of Phillips screwdriver blade is also known as Phillips 1, PH 1, and PH #1.

What size is a screwdriver bit?

All screwdriver bits have what is known as a ¼” hex shank, and are able to fit into any drill with either a keyed, keyless, or ¼” (6.35mm) hex drive chuck. There are three styles of screwdriver bits available.

Screws, and screwdrivers, have different types and sizes. The most common types here in the US are Phillips head and slot head. Then there’s the less common Torx or star head, a super cool six-pointed star-shaped head, which is used on things that need to get very tight. Others exist, but let’s not get too complicated.

What are the parts of a screwdriver bit?


  • Shaft or shank
  • Drive tip or bit
  • What size Torx screwdriver?

    Torx screws and drive bits are available in 24 sizes, labeled “T1” through “T100,” and measure between 0.031 and 0.871 inches from one point to another.