What is airport fire and rescue Service?

Airport Fire Service is having manpower strength of over 3500 fire personal of different ranks. lt maintains a fleet of 211 Crash fire tenders in addition to 06 Ultra modern Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) and 178 Ambulances to provide paramedics’ assistance to aircraft passengers.

What are airport firefighters called?

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
The Federal Aviation Administration requires airport fire departments to answer those calls as part of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting, commonly known as ARFF. But these first responders handle much more than fires or crashes involving airplanes and passengers, which are thankfully rare.

What do airport firefighters do?

In this role, your responsibilities are to travel throughout the airport as quickly as possible, rescue passengers from an aircraft during a fire, and suppress fires inside an aircraft, at an airport, or on the ground. Other duties include inspecting and maintaining all firefighting, rescue, and safety equipment.

Why is it necessary to have rescue and fire fighting services within the vicinity of the airport?

This helps to provide and maintain a path for the evacuating passengers to exit the fire hazard area. Should fire be present within the cabin or encroach upon the cabin from an external fire, the responders must work to control and extinguish those fires as well.

Why do airports have their own firefighters?

Originally Answered: Do airports have their own firestations? Yes, they do. They have to because they wouldn’t be able to operate without one under ICAO and FAA regulations from a safety perspective. Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting is a whole separate discipline in firefighting.

What is a Category 4 airport?

Class IV airports are those airports that serve only unscheduled operations of large air carrier aircraft. Air carrier operations are so infrequent at these airports that in the past, FAA only required them to comply with some Part 139 requirements.

How much do firefighters make in India?

Firefighter salary in Government Of India ranges between ₹ 6.7 Lakhs to ₹ 8.5 Lakhs.