What is a CN22 & CN23?

CN22 & CN23 Explained CN22 and CN23 are customs declaration documents that detail the contents of a package being sent outside of the UK when being sent through the Royal Mail. They assist the process customs go through when checking packages, and they detail important information about the contents of anything being posted.

What is the difference between a CN23 and cp71 form?

The CN23 form contains more detail. It can be attached to the outside of the parcel in a transparent envelope along with a CP71 form*. If possible, attach this envelope on the same side as the shipping label. * The CP71 form must be included as a supplement to the CN23.

What are the CN22 and CN23 customs declarations?

The CN22 and CN23 customs declarations are essential if you ship a parcel outside of the EU. These forms indicate the contents of the parcel and must be attached to the outside of the shipping box. To avoid delays, make sure to always fill out these documents as fully as possible.

Why do I need a cn22b form?

If you are shipping your items with Royal Mail International Economy or International Standard services, you’ll need a CN22B form that includes a barcode unique to your shipment. The CN23 is a customs form used when sending gifts and goods abroad worth more than £270 with Royal Mail.