What happened to John Worsfold at Essendon?

Worsfold finishes his five years in charge on Saturday, having come to the club in the wake of the supplements scandal which saw 34 players banned for the entire 2016 season. This was Worsfold’s statement: “I love this game of AFL and I owe it a lot. It has been a massive part of my life for the last 34 years, so far.

How old is John Worsfold?

53 years (September 25, 1968)
John Worsfold/Age

How tall is John Worsfold?

5′ 11″
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What was Essendon called before the Bombers?

the Dons
The team became universally known as “the Dons” (from EssenDON); it was not until much later, during the War years of the early 1940s, that they became known as “The Bombers” due to Windy Hill’s proximity to the Essendon Aerodrome.

Who won John Worsfold medal?

star Nic Naitanui
WEST Coast star Nic Naitanui has won the 2021 John Worsfold Medal, becoming just the fourth Eagle to claim back-to-back club champion awards in 35 years. Naitanui, who was also named in the Therabody AFL All-Australian team for consecutive seasons after a brilliant 2021 campaign, was a runaway winner with 200 votes.

How many premierships did Jock mchale win?

eight premierships
McHale’s Collingwood teams won eight premierships, including a never-equalled four in a row between 1927 and 1930 inclusive….Jock McHale Medal.

Year Name Club
1956 Norm Smith Melbourne
1955 Norm Smith Melbourne
1954 Charlie Sutton W.Bulldogs
1953 Phonse Kyne Collingwood

When did Worsfold coach Essendon?

After a two-year absence from coaching, Worsfold was appointed senior coach of Essendon on 5 October 2015. He handed over to his assistant Ben Rutten at the end of the 2020 season as part of a planned transition.

When did Hawthorn join the VFL?

Header. Hawthorn has a proud history, having won 13 VFL/AFL premierships since joining the VFL in 1925. The Hawks have tasted success in 1961, 1971, 1976, 1978, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 2008, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Who won the John Worsfold Medal 2020?

Nic Naitanui

Year Winner(s) Votes
2018 Elliot Yeo^ (2) 222
2019 Luke Shuey^ (2) 234
2020 Nic Naitanui^ 163
2021 Nic Naitanui^ (2) 149

Who won West Coast fairest and best 2021?

Jack Darling, who kicked 42 goals, was the club’s leading goal-scorer for the fourth time in his career. Nic Naitanui was the only Eagle to be in the All-Australian squad. Nic Naitanui was West Coast’s best and fairest player, winning the John Worsfold Medal….2021 West Coast Eagles season.

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