What happened to Adama at the end of BSG?

Soon after Galactica and the Colonial fleet discover the lost planet Kobol, Adama is shot by “Boomer”, a Cylon sleeper agent, which places him in mortal jeopardy.

Why was Adama kicked out of the fleet?

Adama’s guilt over the incident and suspicions that he may have provoked the Cylon attack on the Colonies lead him to tender his resignation from the Fleet: however, President Roslin refuses to accept his resignation.

Is Admiral Adama a Cylon?

Commander William Adama is the re-imagined character of Commander Adama of the original series. He is also referred to as Bill Adama. Despite theories, Commander William Adama is not a Cylon unlike his Executive Officer, Saul Tigh who was revealed to be a Cylon.

How old is Adama in BSG?

William Adama
Age 61 (at the time when he reached New Earth)
Colony Caprica, of Tauron descent
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Birth Name William Adama

Is Saul Tigh a Cylon?

Tigh is actually a survivor of the ill-fated 13th tribe, a tribe made entirely of Humanoid Cylons. He is approximately 2000 years old, with his last body having been operational since the first cylon war – any memories prior to that time are artificial.

Is Saul Tigh a cylon?

Who shot Adama?

Plot. With Commander Adama shot in the chest by Boomer, Col. Tigh is forced to take command as a Cylon Basestar arrives. Tigh has the fleet take an emergency faster-than-light jump to escape, despite the stranded survey team on the planet Kobol.

What happened Kara Thrace?

Kara Thrace was an angel sent by God. She quite clearly died in the explosion in the maelstrom. Lee saw it happen right in front of him. Therefore her body (“Charbuck”) showing up on Old Earth was nothing short of a miracle, as was the pristine Viper and her return to the fleet at the end of season 3, alive and well.

Is Gaius Baltar Jesus?

Another view worth adding is that Baltar is the Jesus of the Battlestar world. He is a follower of one true God in a world of polytheists,he has been told he is the “chosen one” by the prophetic “head six”, and he now has a cult following as a healer.

Was Gaius Baltar a Cylon god?

“I am an instrument of God” – Gaius Baltar. God (sometimes referred to as The One True God or the Cylon God) is the deity worshiped by a minority of humans living in the Twelve Colonies of Kobol and by the Cylons dating back to their initial introduction into Colonial society.

Was Kara a Cylon?

Kara Thrace was a thirteenth Cylon.