What generation is iPod shuffle A1373?

iPod shuffle 4th Generation
Apple iPod shuffle 4th Generation Blue 2GB PC751LL/A A1373.

How do you tell what generation iPod shuffle you have?

Look up your iPod by model number.

  1. Find your iPod’s model number (the five-character code next to “Model” on the back of your iPod).
  2. Press Ctrl + F (Windows) or ⌘ Command + F (Mac) to open the “Find” window on the Apple website.
  3. Type in your iPod’s model number.
  4. Find the generation heading above the number.

How many generations of iPod shuffle are there?

four generations
The four generations of the iPod Shuffle.

Does iPod Shuffle have headphones with MIC?

Audio accessory company Scosche has three iPod shuffle-compatible headphone models in the works, but Apple’s In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic work right now if the supplied Apple Headphones with Remote and Mic aren’t to your liking.

How do you set up an iPod Shuffle?

Set up your syncing options. Click on your device on the left and click the “Music” tab. Return to the “Summary” tab and click “Sync” to sync your library with the Shuffle. Click the “Eject” button next to the device name to safely remove the iPod after the sync is complete.

How do you charge the battery of an iPod Shuffle?

To charge the battery using your computer: Connect the iPod shuffle dock’s USB connector into a high-power USB port on your computer. Note: To charge a iPod shuffle battery, connect the device to a high-power USB port. The computer must be turned on and set to not go to sleep. Insert the iPod shuffle into the dock.

Does the iPod Shuffle have to be on to charge?

– To charge the iPod shuffle one need to have a USB port in the computer. By turning on the computer and fixing the iPod shuffle in the USB port. – a light will blink in the iPod suggesting that charging has started.