What food is in a Garbage Plate?

A Garbage Plate is a loaded dish of crispy home fries, hot sauce, macaroni salad and cheeseburgers topped with raw onions, condiments and slices of white bread. Sometimes you’ll see it with hot dogs (red hots) or even white veal hot dogs (white hots).

What is a Garbage Plate in New York?

At Nick Tahou’s, the traditional Garbage Plate consists of two sides (usually home fries and macaroni salad, with options of baked beans or French fries) and a protein – either two burgers or hot dogs (white hots or red hots – more local food that confuses anyone outside of western New York).

How do you eat a Garbage Plate?

After the starchy foundation is formed, it’s topped with either grilled red hots, cheeseburgers, eggs, fish, or whatever else the restaurant you happen to be at offers. Then, finally, the plate is topped with the meat sauce, onions, and bright yellow mustard.

What food is Rochester famous for?

15 Things in Rochester to Eat Before You Die

  • Kimchi Pancakes from Atlas Eats.
  • Garbage Plate from DogTown.
  • Mike’s Sandwich from Spot Coffee.
  • Good Luck Burger from GoodLuck.
  • A Cookie The-Size-Of-Yo-Face at Java’s Cafe.
  • Cannoli Pancake from Steve’s Diner.
  • Mac and Cheese Pizza from Great Northern.

What does a Garbage Plate taste like?

As for the taste, it’s exactly what you think it’d be when eating greasy home fries and hot dogs with meat sauce, which might sound like a salty, greasy overdose, but the coolness and creaminess of the macaroni salad’s mayonnaise offsets it (but adds to the calorie count).

What does Garbage Plate taste like?

What food is upstate NY known for?

Here are 11 foods from upstate that the rest of us New Yorkers are excited to eat when we return home.

  • Garbage Plates. PIN IT.
  • Buffalo Wings. PIN IT.
  • Salt Potatoes. PIN IT.
  • Chicken Riggies. PIN IT.
  • Spiedies. PIN IT.
  • Utica Greens. PIN IT.
  • Thousand Island Dressing. PIN IT.
  • Peppermint Pig. PIN IT.

Who invented garbage plates?

Alexander Tahou
The Garbage Plate was created at Nick Tahou Hots’ fast-food restaurant more than fifty years ago. In 1918, Alexander Tahou opened a restaurant in Rochester called Hots and Potatoes.

What kind of hot sauce do you put on Garbage Plates?

All garbage plates require a generous topping of a signature meat hot sauce. It’s very similar to a thin all-beef chili with a little extra cayenne and chili powder. For a vegetarian version, try using a vegan chili with beans or veggie meat crumbles instead of beef.

What is a Garbage Plate recipe?

This Garbage Plate recipe is a homemade version of the Garbage Plate that you’ll find in Rochester, NY. Complete with meat hot sauce, fries, mac salad and cheeseburgers or hot dogs this is as easy, classic dish that’s for casual entertaining! Begin by placing the fries and mac salad onto your plate. Next add the cheeseburgers (or hot dogs) on top.

What do you serve on a Garbage Plate?

Complete with meat hot sauce, fries, mac salad and cheeseburgers or hot dogs this is as easy, classic dish that’s for casual entertaining! Here are the recipes you’ll need if you want to make Garbage Plates from scratch: Tuna Macaroni Salad (omit the tuna), Oven Fries and Meat Hot Sauce. Meet the Garbage Plate, Rochester delicacy!

Where can I find a Garbage Plate in Rochester NY?

The garbage plate is traditional fare in the city of Rochester, NY. It originated at the restaurant Nick Tahou Hots and, since they hold the copyright to the name “garbage plate,” it’s the only place you can order one by that name. Look for trash plates, dumpster plates, and other takes on the dish elsewhere.