What does the bypass valve do on an RV?

The main purpose of the water heater bypass valve is that it prevents anti-freeze from going into the heater tank when winterizing your RV water lines. From both a practical and cost perspective, there is no need to put anti-freeze in your RV hot water heater during the winterization process.

How do I bypass my water heater when winterizing a camper?

Having a bypass valve in your camper makes the winterization process incredibly easy. You just need to drain the freshwater tank, blow out all lines with air compressor, put RV antifreeze, start the pump, drain the tank and blow out the lines again.

Can I bypass a thermal switch on water heater?

If the 2 wires that went through/ to the thermal safety are now connected to each other with the wire nut, that is definitely not a safe thing to do, you never bypass a safety except in testing, diagnosing etc.

How do I winterize my RV without a water pump?

How to Winterize Your RV’s Plumbing

  1. Drain Your RV’s Water System. To begin, drain and flush the black and gray water tanks at a dump station.
  2. Connect Anti-freeze to Your RV’s Water System.
  3. Add Anti-freeze to Drains, Seals, and Water Heater.

When to replace the hot water tank?

When water begins to leak from the bottom of a water heater, it is time to replace it. Leaking is a sign of corroding and wear within the tank. Most hot water heaters last for at least 10 years, and some will stay in good shape for up to 20 years.

How do you bypass a RV water heater?

Here are some tips on how to bypass your RVs water heater. Steps. Note the location of the water heater access door on the exterior of the RV. Go inside and find the inside access to the water heater. This is usually behind a cabinet door, or behind a small piece of paneling screwed to the wall. Open the inside access to the water heater.

How do you replace a hot water tank?

Basic labor to replace hot water heater with favorable site conditions. Replace tank type gas water heater. Disconnect and remove existing heater. Place, align and secure new unit. Connect electric/gas to unit. Connect inlet and outlet water to existing plumbing – up to 5 ft runs.

How to bypass RV water heater?

Remove the screen that’s attached to the water hook-up. The check valve is inside this.

  • Push the valve in until all the water in it comes out and anti-freeze starts to dribble out.
  • Reconnect your water pump.