What does Pemex stand for?

Mexican Petroleum
Pemex (a portmanteau of Petróleos Mexicanos, which translates to Mexican Petroleum in English; Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpemeks]) is the Mexican state-owned petroleum company managed and operated by the Mexican government.

Is Pemex gas good quality?

Experience with Pemex gas says that its quality is not good – giving lower gas mileage even with clean well-maintained fuel systems.

What octane is Pemex?

All of Mexico’s Pemex gas stations are government owned or franchised. They carry “Magna” which is rated at 87 octane’s.,” Premium” which is rated at 93 octane’s and usually diesel. The pumps are color coded; Magna is green, premium is red and diesel is black.

Is Pemex the only gas station in Mexico?

Pemex gas stations are the only official outlets where you can purchase fuel in Mexico. The unleaded gasoline is called ‘Magna Sin’, which is supposed to have an octane rating of around 90.

Is Pemex owned by Mexico?

Petróleos Mexicanos, byname Pemex, state-owned Mexican company, a producer, refiner, and distributor of crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products. It is one of the largest petroleum companies in the world.

How much is Pemex worth?

In 2021, the value of the Pemex brand was estimated at 5.55 billion U.S. dollars, down from more than eight billion dollars a year earlier. Pemex is a Mexican state-owned petroleum company and the second most valuable Mexican brand.

Can Mexican gas mess up your car?

So there is no leaded gasoline in Mexico anymore and your catalytic converter will be doing fine – at least the gas will not harm it. Somebody might steal it and weld a simple tube into its place overnight, though. That certainly would not let your car pass any future smog revisions.

Do you pump your own gas in Mexico?

On a recent trip to Mexico City, I noticed that Mexican gas stations were full service; drivers were not pumping their own gas. Given that Mexico’s per-capita GDP is just 15 percent of the United States’, such inefficiencies are puzzling. It turns out that a law in Mexico prohibits self-service gas stations.

Can I pump my own gas in Mexico?

Why can’t you pump your own gas in Mexico?

It turns out that a law in Mexico prohibits self-service gas stations. One might argue this is because self-service gas pumps cost more than those operated by an attendant, but that can’t be the reason since self-service pumps pay for their higher costs very quickly by saving labor costs.

How much do you tip gas attendants in Mexico?

Gas stations in Mexico are full-service and the attendants will expect a tip. Plan to tip 5 to 10 pesos, or more if they go above and beyond for you.

Is there Pemex in USA?

Mexican oil company Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) has opened its first gas station in the United States in Houston, Texas, with four more to follow later this month. The franchised stations will be self-service and not sell gas imported from Mexico.