What does La Trobe Financial do?

La Trobe Financial is an Australian credit asset manager specialising in asset management and credit. It offers real estate credit, investment account offerings and private wealth management.

Is La Trobe Financial a bank?

La Trobe Financial is one of Australia’s leading diversified Credit Asset Managers with $13 billion in assets under management.

Where do I send my St George discharge form?

If a sale, please provide Contract of Sale. Alternately you can mail your completed application to: St. George Bank, Mortgage Discharges, Locked Bag 1, Kogarah, NSW 1485. Note: It is important to lodge this form AT LEAST 10 business days = 14 calendar days (excluding Public Holidays) prior to settlement.

What is a mortgage discharge form?

You need to complete a mortgage discharge form when you want to remove your lender from the title to your property. You do this when paying pay off your mortgage entirely or when you refinance from one lender to another. Most lenders have their own specific forms, sometimes called mortgage discharge authorities.

Who owns LaTrobe financial?

La Trobe Financial is 80% owned by Blackstone and 20% owned by management.

Is LaTrobe financial listed on the ASX?

La Trobe Financial Capital Markets Trust 2019-1 (ASX:LT3) is an Unclassified company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Is LaTrobe Financial guaranteed by the government?

When considering whether to acquire or to continue to hold an interest in the Fund, you should remember that (1) an investment in the Fund is not a bank deposit or a term deposit, and is not covered by the Australian Government’s deposit guarantee scheme.

Who started LaTrobe financial?

US investment giant Blackstone owns 80 per cent of LaTrobe, with the balance held by chief executive Greg O’Neill, whose family started the business in regional Victoria in 1952. An initial public offering is a live option in the strategic review of the business, which will be run by Goldman Sachs.

How do I contact St George Bank?

You are here: You are here: Home. Contact us….Top phone numbers.

General enquiries 13 33 30
Phone Banking 13 33 22
Report a lost or stolen card 1800 028 208 (within Australia) +61 2 9155 7800 (from overseas)

How does a substitution of security work?

A substitution of security, also known as loan portability, is the ability to transfer your mortgage from your old property to your new one. By paying a small fee, depending on your lender, you can transfer the current balance, interest rate and other loan terms from your existing mortgage to your new one.

What is a discharge authority?

Use this form to request to: Release a property you’re selling. Refinance your loan to another financial institution. Release your mortgage once you’ve repaid your loan.