What does karakasa mean?

“Come on, take me, get out of the rain…” The karakasa, also known as karakasa-kozō or kasa-obake (which means “umbrella ghost”), is a Japanese fantastic creature with the body of an old oiled-paper Chinese umbrella.

Is the kasa-obake dangerous?

Unlike many yokai, the Kasa-Obake is relatively harmless, and enjoys scaring people for fun, sometimes licking them with its long tongue, which, although disgusting, is not dangerous.

What is a one-footed kasa-obake?

In the yōkai sugoroku “Mukashi-banashi Yōkai Sugoroku (百種怪談妖物双六)” the Ansei era, a kasa-obake was depicted under the name “One-footed from Sagizaka (鷺坂の一本足 Sagazaka no Ippon Ashi).”

What is a hone karakasa umbrella?

A rarer variant is the hone-karakasa, which is the spirit of an umbrella damaged by being ripped apart in high winds. Consequently, it has a somewhat fish-like appearance, using the splayed ribs/wings of its former body to fly and coming out during wet, windy weather, signifying truly awful weather is on its way.

Is there a youkai kasabake?

Confusingly, an earlier episode had another Karakasa, who was instead called Kasabake. This time, it was a male with a single eye and a Parasol of Pain he used to battle Tsuruhime. Likewise, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger had the Youkai Kasabake. Strangely enough, it was made from a fountain pen rather than an umbrella.

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What’s the difference between a karakasa and a Kogasa Tatara?

Kogasa Tatara is a Moe Anthropomorphisation of a karakasa, being depicted as a cute girl who’s always seen carrying an umbrella that looks like the traditional karakasa (but cuter, of course). This has caused fan confusion about whether the girl or the umbrella is the “main body” or if they’re two parts of the same whole.