What does billabong mean?

Definition of billabong 1 Australia. a : a blind channel leading out from a river. b : a usually dry streambed that is filled seasonally. 2 Australia : a backwater forming a stagnant pool. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About billabong.

Why is it called a billabong?

Founded in 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant, the company first traded on the Australian Securities Exchange in August 2000. The name “billabong” is derived from the Wiradjuri word bilabaŋ that refers to a “creek that runs only during the rainy season”.

What is a synonym for billabong?

[chiefly British], pool, puddle, stank.

What means Coolibah tree?

Eucalyptus microtheca
coolabah in British English or coolibah (ˈkuːləˌbɑː ) noun. an Australian myrtaceous tree, Eucalyptus microtheca, that grows along rivers and has smooth bark and long narrow leaves. Collins English Dictionary.

What is a boy called in Australia?

A bloke, or “Aussie bloke”, is a masculine archetype unique to Australia.

What is a Billy in Australia?

The billy is an Australian term for a metal container used for boiling water, making tea or cooking over a fire. By the end of the 19th century the billy had become as natural, widespread and symbolic of bush life as the gum tree, the kangaroo and the wattle.

What is the most general name in English for a billabong?

A billabong (/ˈbɪləbɒŋ/ BIL-ə-bong) is an Australian term for an oxbow lake, an isolated pond left behind after a river changes course.

What is a coolabah tree in Australia?

Eucalyptus coolabah, commonly known as coolibah or coolabah, is a species of tree and is found in eastern inland Australia. It has rough bark on part or all of the trunk, smooth powdery cream to pink bark above, lance-shaped to curved adult leaves, flower buds in groups of seven and hemispherical or conical fruit.