What does a digital converter box do?

A digital television adapter (DTA), commonly known as a converter box or decoder box, is a television tuner that receives a digital television (DTV) transmission, and converts the digital signal into an analog signal that can be received and displayed on an analog television set.

Do you need a converter box for a smart TV?

No converter needed. If you have a smart TV, it already has a digital tuner. As suggested all you will likely need is and antenna, your local store being familiar with your area would be the best place to start.

Which digital converter box is best?

Best Overall: Mediasonic HW150PVR Digital Converter Box at Amazon.

  • Best Budget: KORAMZI HDTV Digital Converter Box at Amazon.
  • Best DVR: ViewTV AT-163 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box at Amazon.
  • Best Value: Mediasonic HW130STB at Amazon.
  • Can I still get a free digital converter box?

    Since TV owners wouldn’t be able to pick up broadcast signals without getting a new TV or a converter box, a federal government program offered a coupon for a free digital converter box. Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to get a free digital converter box through the government.

    How do I know if my TV needs a digital converter box?

    Evaluate the television quality. If using an antenna to receive television programming, check to see if any programming actually getting to the television. If the antenna is set up properly but no signal is being received by the television, it may need a converter box.

    Can you hook a converter box to a smart TV?

    The converter boxes are for, as you said, converting..specifically from Digital to Analog in order to work with older TV’s that have NTSC tuners. You should be fine connecting directly. The converter won’t give you more channels..it all depends on how good the signal is that the antenna is picking up.