What do you means by fragmentation?

Fragmentation most generally means the process of fragmenting—breaking into pieces or being divided into parts. The verb fragmentate, which comes from fragmentation, means the same thing as the verb fragment—to separate something into parts or to break it into fragments. The verb fragmentize means the same thing.

What is the fragmentation theory?

In economics, fragmentation is the use of different suppliers and component manufacturers in the production of a good. The offshoring production typically occurs with affiliates or independent suppliers and manufacturers. Companies fragment to produce goods in a more cost-effective manner.

What is a synonym for fragmentation?

Some common synonyms of fragment are division, member, part, piece, portion, section, and segment.

What is fragmentation Byjus?

A form of asexual reproduction wherein a parent organism breaks into fragments, each capable of growing independently into a new organism. Meaning is the breaking into smaller parts. Suggest corrections. 0 Upvotes.

What is political fragmentation?

Political fragmentation refers to the process of redistributing functions, powers, or people away from a central authority by incorporating autonomous entities such as municipalities and special districts (Judd & Swanstrom, 2009).

What is fragmentation in culture?

The concept of cultural fragmentation implies the disintegration of “singular” cultures and the formation of numerous diverse cultures, be they associated with particular ethnicities, religions, concepts of nationhood or people groups, or those associated with particular forms of lifestyle, values, or commodification.

What is a highly fragmented industry?

A fragmented industry is one in which many companies compete and there is no single or small group of companies which dominate the industry. This makes fragmented industries highly appealing for strategic disruptors.

What is a highly fragmented market?

A marketplace where there is no one company that can exert enough influence to move the industry in a particular direction. The market consists of several small to medium-sized companies that compete with each other and large enterprises.

What is fragmentation Class 11?

Fragmentation: Fragment means, breaking into parts. So, in the fragmentation process, the body is broken into parts. Then each part of the organism will be developed as individual parts of the body.

What is fragmentation Class 10 Ncert?

The breaking up of a body of a simple multicellular organism into two or more pieces on maturing,each of which grows to form a complete new organism is called fragmentation.

What is metropolitan fragmentation?

Context: This article explores the relationship between metropolitan fragmentation, as defined by the total number of governmental units within a metropolitan statistical area (local municipalities, special service districts, and school districts), and racial disparities in mortality among blacks and whites in the …

What is fragmentation in media?

Fragmentation is a broad term used to describe the transition of a population from one comprised of few large audiences for any one media product to another comprised of more numerous smaller audiences. Media producers typically find such audiences desirable for the purposes of grouping people for advertisers.