What are the new features in Facebook?

A few of the new features within the groups include:

  • Watch Party. The ability to have a group of streaming videos for your members to view and comment on.
  • Units.
  • Notification to members.
  • Filter the content we see.
  • Scheduled Posts.
  • Facebook Group Insights.

Where do I find insights on new Facebook?

In the top right of Facebook, tap . Tap Pages, then go to your Page. Tap Insights at the top of your Page. To see more insights or to export insights, log into Facebook from a computer.

How do I get to audience insights on Facebook 2021?

To access Facebook Audience Insights, click on the main menu in the top left anywhere inside the Facebook Ads Manager. Then under the “Plan” column, choose “Audience Insights.” You can also type facebook.com/ads/audience-insights in your browser to go there directly.

What is replacing Facebook audience insights?

Facebook Business Suite Insights
Audience Insights will no longer be available starting July 1, 2021. Instead, we recommend people use Facebook Business Suite Insights, which is a tool that allows you to access your audience insights across Facebook and Instagram.

Is Facebook Insights only for business?

As Facebook shuts down Facebook Analytics on June 30, 2021, they’re recommending users switch to Facebook Business Suite, if available. And if you’re looking for insights into the results of your organic and paid social media on Facebook (and Instagram too!), you’ll find them here in Business Suite’s Insights section.

How do you use new audience insights?

Here’s how to do that in six easy steps.

  1. Access Facebook Audience Insights Tool. Navigate to the Ads Manager, click on “Tools” at the top and select ”Audience Insights” from the drop-down menu:
  2. Select Your Audience.
  3. Define Your “Seed” Audience.
  4. Save the Most Relevant Pages.
  5. Test Your New Audiences.

What is the purpose of Facebook insight?

Facebook Insights is an analytics dashboard where you can track user behavior and post performance on your Facebook business page. In addition to providing key metrics like page views and post reach for paid and organic posts, the platform also recommends competitor pages to watch and track.

How do you use audience insights in 2021?

How to use Facebook Audience Insights

  1. Choose the seed audience you want to target.
  2. Define your audience demographics.
  3. Discover what your target audience likes.
  4. Explore locations.
  5. Learn your audience’s preferred device and activities.
  6. Create a Facebook ad for your new audience.

What are the new insights on Facebook?

Immediately upon arriving at the new Insights, you’ll get an updated Overview screen. This is Facebook’s way of showing you as much data as they can at one time. The new Insights are broken down into the following tabbed sections: The Overview tab of Facebook Insights summarizes what’s going on with your page.

What’s new on Facebook?

What’s New on Facebook 1 New layout and dark mode. Facebook rolled out a new layout as well as a dark mode for your Timeline. 2 Facebook Messenger for desktop. Facebook also launched a separate messenger app for desktop. 3 3-dimensional images. Static images are out, and 3D graphics and videos are in. 4 Quiet mode.

How do I add new insights to my account?

Access the new Insights from within your admin panel. From your admin panel, the Insights box is located next to the Get More Likes box. If it looks like the example above, you have the new Insights. Click on See All to launch the Overview.

Where do I find the insights box?

From your admin panel, the Insights box is located next to the Get More Likes box. If it looks like the example above, you have the new Insights. Click on See All to launch the Overview.