What are the hunting seasons in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Deer Seasons

Archery and Crossbow Sept. 18-Jan. 17**
Regular Firearms Nov. 27-Dec. 11** and Dec. 5-12**
Special Firearms (Junior/Senior License, Youth, Disabled Hunters, Military) Oct. 21-23
Flintlock Firearms Dec. 27-Jan. 29**
Muzzleloader Oct. 16-23

How long is PA Deer Season?

DEER, ARCHERY (Antlered and Antlerless) Statewide: Oct. 15-19; and Dec. 27-Jan. 17, 2022. One antlered deer per hunting license year.

Can you hunt on your own land out of season in PA?

Hunters can typically freely take game animals hunted on their own private property, or may seek permission from a landowner to hunt on private property. Hunters who wish to take game on privately owned land must follow state hunting regulations as well as any regulations specified by the landowner.

Can I hunt deer on Sunday in PA?

Pennsylvania still has only three Sundays open to hunting (Nov. 14, 21 and 28), but the species that you can hunt during those days has been expanded. Last year, Sunday hunting was only open for deer and bear. This fall, you can hunt coyotes, foxes and raccoons during all three Sundays.

What Sundays can you hunt in PA in 2021?

Sunday Hunting in Pennsylvania in 2021

  • November 14: Small Game + Bear Archery + Deer Archery.
  • November 21: Small Game + Bear Archery + Bear Rifle + Deer Archery.
  • November 28: Bear Rifle + Deer Rifle.

What 3 Sundays can you hunt in PA?

Last year, the legislature approved three Sundays for hunting. The Game Commission created a Sunday for black bear season, a Sunday for archery deer hunting and a Sunday for rifle deer hunting.

What is the first day of deer season in Pennsylvania?

Nov. 27
The regular firearms deer season, which begins on Saturday, Nov. 27, will allow statewide concurrent hunting for antlered and antlerless deer throughout the season’s 14 days. The season includes a day of Sunday hunting on Sunday, Nov. 28.

At what age can you hunt alone in Pennsylvania?

Youth Hunting License Pennsylvania residents and non-residents between the ages of 12 and 16 may purchase a junior hunting license. Hunters ages 12 and 13 must be accompanied by a licensed family member age 18 or older. Hunters ages 14 and 15 must be accompanied by a licensed adult age 18 or older.

What 3 Sundays can u hunt in PA?

What is the antler restriction in PA?

For more than 80 years, young Pennsylvania bucks have been protected by an antler point restriction banning the harvest of deer with spikes shorter than 3 inches. In the last 20 years, additional antler restrictions were imposed to ensure that male deer live long enough to breed.

Can you shoot a dog chasing deer in PA?

If a dog is merely chasing deer, turkeys or bears, it can be shot and killed only by a Game Commission officer. “When it’s just chasing, the public isn’t allowed to kill a dog,” Raup said. On the flip side, Pennsylvania state law says it is illegal for owners to allow their dogs to run loose.