What are the equipment needed for pure water production?


  • PVC Water Tanks (Black Colour preferably)
  • Submersible Water Pumping Machine (1HP or more)
  • Surface Pumping Machine (1HP or more)
  • Aeration faucets.
  • PVC Pipes and plumbing fittings.

How do you manufacture pure water?

Steps to start a pure water business:

  1. Business plan.
  2. Register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and NAFDAC.
  3. A befitting place for business (factory site)
  4. Sink a borehole and install tanks overhead.
  5. Install distillation system for water purification.
  6. Get a sealing machine.
  7. Get packaging materials.

How much is a purified water machine?

Water Purifying Machine Prices

Purification Method Unit Price Labor
Ultraviolet (UV) Light $200 – $1,000 $300 – $500
Water Distiller $50 – $4,000 $300 – $500
Chemical Injector $300 – $1,000 $300 – $500

What is sachet water?

Sachet water or pure water, 500-mL heat-sealed plastic sleeves of drinking water, has become an immensely popular form of packaged drinking water in the face of urban drinking water shortages in western Africa.

How profitable is a pure water business?

HOW PROFITABLE IS PURE WATER BUSINESS IN NIGERIA. It is highly profitable but the profitability depends on how well you are able to cut down on the running cost. For instance if you are producing 26-28 per kilo then you are producing at a loss.

Which machines are used to purify water?

Water Purification & Soda Machines

  • Inline Filter System.
  • Ice Makers.
  • Soda Machines.
  • Filter Jugs & Tap Filters.
  • Water Machines.

What is the pH of sachet water?

The pH of the sachet water ranged from 6.48 to 7.12 while that of the bottled water ranged from 6.62 to 7.00. The pH of both the sachet and bottled water analyzed are within the standard range of pH (6.5-8.5) for quality water recommended by WHO/NIS.

What business can I start with 500k?

In this piece, you will find 10 Businesses You Can Start with 500k in Nigeria.

  • Mini Importation Business.
  • Sales of Clothes and Shoes.
  • Barbing Saloon Business.
  • Football Viewing Center/Game Center.
  • Hair Dressing.
  • Real Estate Business.
  • Block Moulding Business.
  • Computer Service Center.