What are the details to book a flight?

Flight and passenger details

  • Trip details.
  • Personal information – Full names (to be spelled exactly as it is in your ID or passport), date of birth, country of residence.
  • ID number.
  • Ideal departure times and length of flights (do you prefer a direct flight or are you happy with connections?)
  • Preferred cabin class.

How do I find my booking reference number?

Booking number/ reference – your booking number/ reference is found in your confirmation email next to the order number as well as in the body of the email. In the case of a return flight you will find a booking reference for each flight.

What are the steps to booking a flight online?

The 3 steps on how to book flight tickets online are:

  1. Select your flight. Double-check the date and timings.
  2. Enter the passenger details & coupon details if applicable.
  3. Make payment.

How do I book a flight ticket from home?

How to book domestic flights online:

  1. – Visit the website www.air.irctc.co.in.
  2. – List of flights will be displayed on the screen (From minimum to maximum)
  3. – A new three-step booking page will be displayed.

Does Air Canada Rouge serve meals on international flights?

Sit back, relax, and enjoy our menus in Economy Class on International flights. For flights to North America, an enhanced pre-packaged meal box will be served. A mid-flight cold sandwich will be served on select flights*, and prior to landing, a cold light meal will be served in a box on flights to Europe.

How can I check my booking confirmation?

If you have a Booking.com account, you can also find your confirmation under the Bookings section of your account.

What are the benefits of flights with Air Canada Rouge?

Flights with Air Canada Rouge will contribute to your Air Canada Altitudes status. Additionally, eligible Altitude members can enjoy their privileges when flying Air Canada Rouge, including priority Check-in, Maple Leaf Lounge TM access, eUpgrades to Premium Rouge, and much more.

What are the benefits of Premium Rouge?

By choosing Premium Rouge, you can breeze through the airport with priority check-in and boarding, eligible flights allow you to relax in our Maple Leaf Lounge TM at available airports, and then enjoy an exclusive cabin with wider seats and more space to stretch out.

How do I access my Air Canada stopover hotel reservation?

To access your reservation, select one of the hotel providers below. External site which may not meet accessibility guidelines. External site which may not meet accessibility guidelines. Did you book an Air Canada Stopover hotel? You can access your reservation here. View, change or cancel your car rental booking.

Where can I check in at an Air Canada airport?

You can also check in at an Air Canada airport kiosk or Air Canada check-in counter. We also know how important your safety is every step of the way, which is why we are implementing touch-free airport experiences.