What are some Imagine Dragons songs?


  • Radioactive.
  • It’s Time.
  • Bleeding Out.
  • Monster.
  • Warriors.
  • Believer.
  • On Top of the World.
  • Amsterdam.
  • Nothing Left to Say/Rocks.
  • What is the top of the world song?

    “On Top of the World” is a song written and recorded by American alternative rock band Imagine Dragons for their major-label debut extended play Continued Silence, where it appears as the third track. The song also appears on their debut studio album Night Visions as the fifth track.

    What is Imagine Dragons new song?

    Imagine Dragons have shared a powerful new song called “Believer” that’s presumably a first taste of the band’s forthcoming third studio album. Over a marching rhythm, lead vocalist Dan Reynolds praises his life’s pain for making him a believer.

    What music does Imagine Dragons play?

    Imagine Dragons’ musical style has mainly been described as alternative rock, pop rock, indie rock, electronic rock, dance-pop electropop, pop, and arena rock.. Their music also has some influences of folk, R&B, hip hop and EDM.

    What is the meaning of the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons?

    Perhaps, “Demons” by Imagine Dragons is a song written/meant for closure and the cleansing of one’s “muddy” appearance. This song is truly about coming to grips with reality and accepting the truth, regardless of how painful or disappointing both may be to you or anyone else.

    How many albums does Imagine Dragons have?

    The American pop rock band Imagine Dragons has released four studio albums, four live albums, ten extended plays, twenty-seven singles, six promotional singles and twenty-three music videos. The band released their debut extended play, “Speak to Me” in 2008. The self-titled debut extended play, Hell and Silence and It’s Time followed in September 2009, June 2010, and March 2011 respectively. Imagine Dragons later found commercial success with the release of their fifth extended play, Continued S

    What is the meaning of Imagine Dragons Monster?

    The song “Monster” was written by the Imagine Dragons for the Infinity Blade Series made by ChAIR and is about the story of the deathless known as Ausar the Vile. Deathless are mortals who have mastered the technology to bring their “soul” into a new body when they or for their current body to heal from mortal wounds.