What are some good lists to make?

Make your lists something you can go back to when you need to de-stress or need a good laugh!

  • 1 | Things That Make You Happy.
  • 2 | Things You Are Good At.
  • 3 | Things You Want to Learn.
  • 4 | Things You Are Grateful For.
  • 5 | Things You Don’t Do Enough.
  • 6 | Articles You Want to Read.
  • 7 | Books You Want to Read.

What types of lists do people make?

1 – A Daily / Weekly To Do List. This one is by far the most obvious and one that is probably the most widely used.

  • 2 – A Budget. Budgets aren’t just for people who have difficulties managing money.
  • 3 – A Meal Plan. For so long I was a meal plan snob.
  • 4 – A Goals and Gratitude List.
  • 5 – A Self Care List.
  • How do you make a list of things you want?

    Some tips for The List:

    1. Think big, think tall, write it all. Brainstorm.
    2. If you can do it any afternoon, it doesn’t belong here.
    3. It needs to be measurable.
    4. Number them, order them…
    5. Make growing your list a priority.
    6. Talk to your friends and family about The List.
    7. When you accomplish something, don’t remove it.

    How do you make a top 10 list?

    Here are 10 tips on how to write a good list.

    1. Choose the Right Topic and Tone.
    2. Write Great Headlines and Subheadlines.
    3. Be Bold With Your Formatting.
    4. Organizing Your Top 10 List.
    5. Don’t Makes Lists Within Your List.
    6. Make Sure Your List is the Start of Your Article.
    7. Use Images.
    8. Be Consistent.

    How do I print a list list in Python?

    Use the * Operator to Print Lists in Python The * operator is the most commonly used operator of the many operators present in Python. Except for performing multiplication, the * operator is used to print each element of a list in one line with a space between each element.

    How do I make a list in R list?

    How to Create Lists in R? We can use the list() function to create a list. Another way to create a list is to use the c() function. The c() function coerces elements into the same type, so, if there is a list amongst the elements, then all elements are turned into components of a list.

    What does a listicle look like?

    A “listicle” is an article made of a list, usually with some kind of extra detail to each item. The format, however, is flexible. You could write a listicle which is nothing more than a title, five sub-headings for each list item, and a picture or gif below each.

    How do I create list of lists?

    1: Stop treating your “to-do’s” like a grocery list.

  • Rollover,delegate or drop it.
  • Get ruthless.
  • How do I create a custom list?

    Follow these steps to create a custom list: Click the File tab and then click Options. Click the Advanced tab. Click the Edit Custom Lists button in the General section. Click inside the List Entries list box and then type each entry (in the desired order), pressing Enter after each list item. Click the Add button.

    How do you create a list?

    Create a list on a SharePoint Online site Click Settings and then click Site contents. Click + New, and then click List. Type a Name for the list, and optionally, type a Description. Click Create. When your list opens, you can click + Add column to add room for more types of information to the list.

    How to make an effective to do list?

    1. Break the List Into Two Parts. The first strategy is to break a list into two parts. These two parts are called dailies and to do’s. Dailies are

  • 2. Put a Limit on Items.
  • 3. Use Checklists for Complex Tasks.
  • 4. Tackle MITs First.
  • 5. Create a “Done” List.