What are hard cast lead bullets?

Hard cast bullets may contain some lead and be grey in color, but that is where the similarities stop. Hard cast bullets can be formulated of numerous alloy mixes (antimony, silver, tin, etc) containing some lead, but the alloys make the bullet much harder than pure lead. Pure lead has a Brinell hardness # of about 4.

What is the hardness of lead bullets?

Type Metal Tin Hardness
Lead 5
Tin 100 7
Antimony 50
As an example: the solidification of a nominally .357″ diameter bullet cast of Linotype could be expected from the above table to be .0065 X .357″ = .0025″. In a soft alloy of lead and tin, .01 X .357″ = .0035″.

Why are lead bullets bad?

Lead’s availability, density and malleability have made it a cost-effective bullet material for centuries. But lead bullets can lose half of their mass on impact, leaving hundreds of tiny fragments both in the meat hunters take home and the entrails they leave behind, which are a food source for many wild creatures.

Are lead bullets illegal?

Calls for similar bans have gained traction in the United States, and as of July 1, 2019, lead ammunition has been banned for hunting wildlife anywhere in California. …

What lead is best for casting bullets?

Pure lead is the softest and is usually used for muzzle loaders and such whereas lead with antimony and tin is used for much harder bullets. Linotype is an old type of lead mixed with antimony and tin for the letters they used to print newspapers back in the day.

What temperature do you cast lead bullets?

Re: Bullet casting temperature. beltfed wrote: I cast 16+1 lead/tin at about 720-730 F Works for me, also dipping in Lyman Magdipper pot.

Is Buffalo Bore good ammo?

Registered. Buffalo BoreĀ® produces excellent ammunition. My wife & I carry their 158gr ammo in our 38 Specials & 357 Magnums. It is THE BEST IMHO.

Can lead be hardened?

Water quenching (dropping bullets straight from the mould into a bucket of water) will harden your lead, antimony, arsenic alloy but as the lead pot and mould temperature varies so does the final hardness of the bullets. Additionally, you get what you get (about 15-19 BHN with wheel weights).

Is it OK to shoot lead bullets?

Yes, it can be done without any leading. Good guns with quality bullets at the speeds we shoot them and you won’t have anything to worry about.