What are breakpoints for mutual funds?

A breakpoint is the dollar amount for the purchase of a load mutual fund’s shares that qualifies the investor for a reduced sales charge. Breakpoints offer investors a discount for making larger investments. The purchase may either be made in a lump sum or by staggering payments within a specified period of time.

What is the minimum lock in period for mutual funds?

3 years
Lock-in period is imposed to make in mandatory for investors to reap more benefits out of equity investments and also maintain stability of the fund. A minimum tenure of 3 years is the least amount of time that the funds must stay invested in the equity market.

What is NTF in mutual fund?

A no-transaction-fee (NTF) mutual fund refers to mutual funds that do not charge trading fees for the transactions made. They are also known as no-load mutual funds. Investors can buy and sell the shares of a no-transaction-fee mutual fund without paying sales commission, which is favorable to them.

What is STF in mutual fund?

In an STP , the money remains invested in a liquidultra short-term fund till it is transferred to an equity fund. This money earns a return, which is generally higher than that of a savings bank account. Some wealth managers also use this strategy to rebalance portfolio across debt and equities.

What is Max time in mutual fund?

The minimum tenure for investment in Mutual Funds is a day and the maximum tenure is ‘perpetual’.

Is Vtsax a no load mutual fund?

In terms of fees, VTSAX is a no load fund. It has an expense ratio of 0.04% compared to the category average of 0.74%.

What does NTF mean?


Acronym Definition
NTF National Transfer Format
NTF Notes File
NTF Network Time Foundation (est. 1981)
NTF National Turkey Federation

What is value STP?

Value Systematic Transfer Plan (“Value STP”) by DSP Mutual Fund (Fund) is a facility wherein Unit holder(s) of designated open-ended Scheme(s) of the Fund can opt to systematically transfer amount(s), which may vary based on the value of investments already made/transferred under this facility, on the date of transfer …