Traveling the world is not a luxury but an excellent opportunity to learn more about the world and yourself during the years at college. When you are young, it is not that scary to make spontaneous decisions and sleep in a tent in the middle of a desert.

You are open to new adventures and nothing can stop you from making new discoveries. Nothing except the lack of money you can spend on a holiday trip. But that is not a problem as there are many destinations to travel to without spending a fortune.

Traveling while studying is your chance to get distracted from the boring lectures and experience new emotions. A lot depends on the point where you start your journey. As you can be studying in any country of the world, we will consider the places that offer relatively cheap accommodation and require a minimum daily budget. So, let’s look at the places you can visit without taking loans or playing hunger games.

South America


Looking for a place to stay on the Caribbean coast? This is the best value for money option. Colombia offers beautiful scenery, colonial architecture, and delicious cuisine. If you are into some extreme, visit Chicamocha National Park where you can spend time kayaking, rafting, paragliding, etc. In case all you are looking for is a calm and relaxing vacation, the sandy beaches of San Andres are your choice.


Do you enjoy trekking? Then the best trekking country in the world waits for you. Bolivia is colorful and enchanting. The town of Rurrenabaque is the perfect choice for backpackers. It is here where many jungle and riverboat tours start. To enjoy an easy-going vacation and lay on the beautiful beaches, go to Copacabana. To appreciate the architecture and museums, visit Sucre, a former Bolivian capital.


This is one of the best places on earth to enjoy and admire the mighty of nature in all of its colors. Amazon rain forest, volcanoes, mystic fog and kind people. This is what awaits you here. You can take free walking tours, visit a local market and have a chat with a salesman there. Go to Mindo to see the cloud forests and some of the biggest rivers in the country. Salinas is a good choice for all the surfers and beach lovers. The most appropriate time for visiting Ecuador to swim and relax is during December and January.



In case you can’t imagine a proper vacation without sun bathing and swimming, there is an option that is a lot cheaper than any Italian or Spanish resort. If you’ve never heard about Albania before, you should learn about it as soon as possible. It offers panoramic views, Adriatic sea, and low prices. It borders with Greece which means that you can get the same natural beauty but cheaper. Do not expect to see a lot of historical monuments or beautiful ancient buildings. It is not the best country to do a sightseeing tour. But the beaches are fantastic here.


This is the best place to combine swimming in the sea with hanging out in stylish bars and clubs with your friends. You can attend beach parties and rent a bicycle to explore the beauties of an island life. The people here a re very friendly and will be glad to help you. If you don’t want to become a part of a noisy lifestyle, visit Mljet island with forests and vineyards taking up around 70% of its territory. This is the perfect place to relax and explore your inner self.


If you think that all those romantic stories about vampires falling in love with humans are ridiculous, you might be interested in visiting the homeland of Count Dracula. But Romania has much more to offer. You can visit mysterious castles and take guided tours to the local villages that seem to have a lot in common with middle ages. The spirit of witchcraft is present everywhere you go. If you don’t believe in all that frightening entourage, Romania is a great place to stay thanks to the local food and friendly people. Needless to say, that you will not spend a lot for your stay.


Budapest seems to be the perfect place for the young people. It has Roman, neo-Gothic, Renaissance and Ottoman architecture, thermal baths, modern night clubs and affordable accommodation. The Parliament building is famous for its beauty. The narrow streets and cozy cafes will take you to the old times. Take a walking city tour and enjoy it at a leisurely pace. The food here is cheap and you will definitely find a good place to have a hearty dinner.



To experience the whole range of the Vietnamese beauty, you can not only gaze at the floating villages but also try some of the most delicious local dishes. This is the right place to become a real foodie. Spring rolls with shrimps or pork (Goi Cuon), famous Pho soup, and carmelized fish in a pot (Ca Kho To) will not let you be indifferent to this cuisine. Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat are only a few of the many places in Vietnam worth visiting.


No matter what type of holiday vacation you prefer, Thailand will exceed your expectations. Its inspiring culture, eventful history, and breathtaking nature will melt a heart of any tourist. Enjoy the tropical beaches of Krabi and Phuket, Doi Inthanon National Park, Pai – a backpackers’ heaven on Earth. Don’t forget about the nice bonus you get – smiling faces of the local people and their hospitality.

Sri Lanka

Have a taste of the most delicious and world-famous tea and enjoy the never ending white beaches. You will be pleased to know that there are 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So, you will definitely find something exciting there. Go to Bentota if snorkeling and surfing are something you’ve always wanted to do but never got a chance to do it. If you plan to go to Sri Lanka in April, you will get to see the blossoming of the tea plantations. Take a tour in Nuwara Eliya and discover the process of collecting tea leaves and turning them into the beverage we all like so much.