Is ZigaZag better than waterworks?

The stats on the two sets are roughly the same, but Waterworks is a little better. However, the extra accuracy from the House of Scales gear will help out around Luska.

How do I get lower zig zag?

Lower ZigaZag – Level 60 Find your way to Krokosphinx then to the school of Balance. After speaking to the Balance professor, you will find a statue that will transport you to the Upper ZigaZag. After a short dialogue, find your way to the Lower ZigaZag.

How do I get Waterworks gear?

There are two Waterworks bosses that drop the items you’ll be after. You’ll encounter Luska Charmbeak about halfway through the dungeon, and this boss drops Waterworks hats. At the end of the dungeon, you’ll encounter Sylster Glowstorm, who drops Waterworks hats, robes, and boots.

What is House of scales wizard101?

Shaped like an upside-down pyramid, the House of Scales is where immortal Anubis judges the souls of the dead. It is also where Ammit the Devourer has been amassing an Army of the Condemned. Wizards on the quest The Key to the Puzzle enter here to complete the instance quest Judgment Day.

How do I get to upper zigzag?

House Of Scales – Level 60 Find your way to Krokosphinx then to the school of Balance. After speaking to the Balance professor, you will find a statue that will transport you to the Upper Zig Zag.

How do you Respawn Waterworks boss?

Waterworks Glitch that Might Make Farming Easier

  1. Make sure you are in a party of 4.
  2. After you beat Sylster, make sure 3 people stay in the room where the battle was.
  3. One person will then go to any of the rooms.
  4. When they come back, he will respawn with with all of his minions.

Can you solo lower zigzag?

Re: Soloing Lower Zigzag You need at least 2 wizards – you (you can be level 60+) and a jade (preferably level 90+ jade for the potent traps). The jade will go in first and start feinting and trapping the boss (tc convert if storm). The other wizard will stay out of the battle until told to enter by the jade.

What level is Briskbreeze Tower?

Briskbreeze is available to wizards at level 50.

What level should I be for waterworks?

In Wizard101, Waterworks is a dungeon found in Crab Alley for players level 60 and up. This dungeon was created because the Wizard101 developers wanted to have a purpose for Crab Alley beyond a low-level questing area, so they created a dungeon for players who were at the max level at the time.

How do you get a hangman hood?

the only way to get that is by defeating the squid boss in waterworks. and you should also try to get the rest of the hangman set by defeating waterworks in all. it will take a few tries though.

What level do you have to be to do waterworks?

How do you get RA in wizard101?

Ra is a Boss located in Ra’s Reading Room, which requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to access. Defeating him grants the Reading Room Roustabout Badge.

What level does Wizard101 gear drop in Lower zigazag?

This is a guide to the level 60 gear dropped in the new Wizard101 dungeons, House of Scales and Lower Zigazag. If you like to read an overview of the dungeons, including cheats and strategy tips, check out our House of Scales and Lower Zigazag guide

Is the zigazag gear good for soloing?

Balance also needs a lot of resist and health so they can stay in battle and continue boosting their teammates and the waterworks gear is just the one that does that. If you were wanting to full solo balance then the zigazag gear would be better for crit and damage but in all honesty even the waterworks gear is better for soloing.

How do I get to krokotopia’s lower zigazag?

Wizards gain access to Krokotopia ‘s Lower Zigazag via flying ship from Upper Zigazag during the quest A Lower Evil, and instance quest Take A Bite Out Of Crime . This instance is a gauntlet, meaning other Wizards will not be able to port into the dungeon.

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