Is the WASR-10 legal in California?

This is the California-compliant version of our much-desired Romanian WASR rifle, WASR-10 CA Compliant, meets all regulation from the California Department of Justice.

What is a WASR-10 63?

GP WASR-10/63 Dates seem to range from the early 1960s to the 1980s. Most or all small metal parts are marked with the last few digits of the original serial number. As with other WASR models imported into the United States, Century Arms modified these rifles to accept normal 30-round magazines.

Is AK 47 California legal?

These aren’t your grandfather’s hunting rifles. Uzi’s, AK-47s, AR-15s, Bushmaster semi-automatic rifles – all are banned by California’s Assault Weapons Control Act. They aren’t allowed to sell it or give it away; it’s a felony to transfer ownership of a registered assault weapon.

Can you own a Draco in California?

In California, the Draco is considered an assault rifle and not a pistol and thus is illegal for any state resident to own and possess.

Who makes WASR AK47?

Manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern and various others including Norinco
Produced 1948–present
No. built ≈ 75 million AK-47s, 100 million Kalashnikov-family weapons.
Variants See Variants

Are AR pistols illegal in California?

To put it simply, there are ONLY 2 Legal ways to acquire an AR pistol in California. If it has, you will have (from a legal standpoint) a short barreled rifle which is illegal. In California receivers are transferred as long guns so building a pistol from a stripped or complete lower is not legal.

What is a WASR-10/63 rifle?

If I recall, WASR-10s were sporter rifles. They were imported with a thumb hole stock, single stack magwell, muzzle nut welded on, and no lugs on the bayo. The importer (usually century) opens up the magwell and adds US compliant parts/furniture. The WASR-10/63 rifles were made from surplus, demilled rifles AKA parts kits.

What accessories does the GP WASR-10/63 come with?

Because the GP WASR-10/63 originated as a Romanian military rifle, Century Arms sold them with many of the original rifle’s accessories, such as a bayonet, oil bottle, magazine pouch and cleaning kit.

What kind of stock does a WASR 10 have?

Pistol grip and thumbhole stocks were both commonly fitted to WASR rifles. After the sunset of the 1994 assault weapons ban, importers are allowed to equip WASR-10s with compensators, bayonet lugs, and folding stocks, thus making the WASR-10 a general purpose firearm.

Can you put a 10 round magazine in a WASR rifle?

Factory-original rifles only support single-stack, low-capacity magazines (10-rounds). After import, Century Arms offered WASR rifles modified to accept double-stack, standard-capacity magazines. Pistol grip and thumbhole stocks were both commonly fitted to WASR rifles.