Is the CLEP College Mathematics test hard?

Calculus is the hardest math CLEP, for almost everyone. Unless you’re a math wiz, it’s also one of the hardest CLEP exams among all the subject categories. Precalculus is harder than College Mathematics and Algebra, but not as advanced as Calculus. Math is by far the most common subject people struggle with.

What is on the CLEP math exam?

One such test is the CLEP College Mathematics Exam. This is a 60 question exam that covers seven main content areas. These content areas are as follows: Numbers; Logic and Sets; Geometry; Financial Mathematics; Data Analysis and Statistics; Counting and Probability; as well as Algebra and Functions.

Can you use a calculator on the college Mathematics CLEP test?

On CLEP exam day, test takers aren’t allowed to bring their own calculators into the testing room. Because of this, calculators are integrated into the CLEP exam software to help test takers solve questions on some CLEP science and math exams and the Financial Accounting exam.

Is Khan Academy good for CLEP?

Khan Academy is getting so good!! They’ve really evolved through the years into a robust curriculum, well beyond their early years as a youtube channel. These courses can serve as your curriculum as you prepare for CLEP, DSST or AP exams, and best of all? Yep- you can take them for free!

Is the math CLEP test multiple-choice?

The CLEP College Mathematics Test is a computer-based test that consists of approximately 60 multiple-choice questions that can be answered in 90 minutes.

How many credits is CLEP College Mathematics?

Something to take note of – The College Mathematics CLEP is worth six credits, but most colleges will not count this towards a math requirement on a business degree.

How many CLEP tests can I take?

You can take as many CLEP exams at one time as your test center will allow. Some test centers limit you to taking only one test per day, however the College Board and CLEP program do not have a limit on the number of tests you can take in a single day.

How much is a CLEP exam?

The College Board is the one administering the CLEP test. The price of the CLEP test costs $77, and this cost is set by The College Board. It is possible for a student to save hundreds of dollars on tuition, student fees, and textbook charges if he covers the CLEP exam and thus skips some courses.

What are the CLEP* exams?

CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program. CLEP exams are usually taken by people who have acquired knowledge outside the classroom and wish to bypass certain college courses and earn college credit.

What is a CLEP exam?

CLEP test stands for College-Level Examination Program. A CLEP is a test that measures how much you know about certain academic subjects. Students can earn college credits by getting a qualifying score on their CLEPs in topics within Composition and Literature, World Languages, History and Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, or Business.