Is royal blood stoner rock?

Royal Blood are an English rock duo formed by Mike Kerr (vocals, bass guitar) and Ben Thatcher (drums) in Worthing in 2011….Royal Blood (band)

Royal Blood
Origin Worthing, West Sussex, England
Genres Alternative rock hard rock blues rock garage rock stoner rock
Years active 2011 – present

Who is royal blood?

Mike KerrBass guitar
Ben ThatcherDrum Kit
Royal Blood/Members

Is Royal Blood metal?

Despite the riffs, Royal Blood is no work of metal; in its tautness and execution it has far more in common with groove-based successes such as the Black Keys than it does with heavy music.

Are royal blood Christians?

Surprisingly, Mike Kerr was raised as a devout Christian, attending church every Sunday. That was until he became 16, and he then decided to leave, claiming a falsity in the religion. This has since been cited in the song ‘Come On Over’: “There’s no God, and I really don’t care”. Mike was a chef, Ben was a barman.

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Does Royal Blood use autotune?

Royal Blood have got some things of their own to say about rock vs the rest of the world too. “Having Auto-Tune and anything like that, to me deceives the audience; even sometimes backing tracks,” railed Mike.

Does Royal Blood have a bassist?

Mike KerrRoyal Blood / Bassist