Is Peppara wildlife sanctuary open now?

Open all year round, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary is located along the catchment area of the Peppara Dam on the Karamana River.

Which animal is protected in Peppara wildlife sanctuary?

43 species of mammals, 233 species of birds, 46 species of reptiles, 13 species of amphibians and 27 species of fishes are reported from the sanctuary. The common mammals found are tiger, leopard, sloth bear, elephant, sambar (deer), bonnet macaque, Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri tahr.

Where is Peppara dam located?

Trivandrum District
Peppara Dam is a masonry gravity dam on the Karamana River in Trivandrum District. It is built by the Kerala Water Authority in 1983 has a catchment area of 83kmĀ² and receives an average rain fall of 481 cm.

In which district is Peppara wildlife sanctuary situated?

Peppara wildlife sanctuary is a fascinating tourist spot situated in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram. Named after the Peppara dam, the wildlife sanctuary is spread across an area of 75 sq. kms, and is covered with evergreen forests, freshwater swamps, hills and valleys.

What district is neyyar in?

Thiruvananthapuram district
Neyyar dam is a gravity dam on the Neyyar River in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, South India, located on the foot of the Western Ghats about 30 km from Thiruvananthapuram.It was established in 1958 and is a popular picnic spot.

Which is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala?

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala. It is bestowed with lush green forests and rich wildlife….

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Area 344 km2 (133 sq mi)
Established 1973

Which is the northernmost sanctuary in Kerala?

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is the northernmost wildlife sanctuary of Kerala, southwest India. It is 55 km2 (21 sq mi) in area and located on the western slope of the Western Ghats….

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
Entrance of Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
Map of Kerala, India
Location Kerala, southwest India

Who built Neyyar dam?

Karuvachiyil Krishan Panicker
The dam was built in the land given by an agriculturist known as Karuvachiyil Krishan Panicker, Father of Janaki Thankamma, Maruthummoottil family, and his other family members for irrigation purposes. One canal of Neyyar flows to western districts of Tamil Nadu.

What is Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala?

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in on the way to ponmudi hills. This place is a combination of dam,electric power plant and forest. The real beauty of Kerala is seen in this place. There are no entry fees to visit this place.

When is the best time to visit Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary?

Peppara is one among the top wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala known for its thick forests, specially the eucalyptus plantations, and its wide rage of flora and fauna. The best season to visit is November to April. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

What is the history of Peppara National Park?

It consists of the catchment area of the Karamana River, which originates from Chemmunjimottai, the tallest hill within the sanctuary. The sanctuary is named after the Peppara Dam, commissioned in 1983 to augment the drinking water supply to Thiruvananthapuram city and suburban areas.