Is Njpw in English?

(新日本プロレスリング株式会社, Shin Nihon Puroresuringu Kabushiki-gaisha) (NJPW) is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion based in Nakano, Tokyo….New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

NJPW logo used since 1972
NJPW headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo in 2017
Website (Japanese site) (English site)

Who does English commentary for Njpw?

Other personnel

Ring name Real name Notes
Kevin Kelly Kevin Foote English-language commentator Narrator of The Recount and The Wire
Kimihiko Ozaki Kimihiko Ozaki Ring announcer
Koki Yamazaki Koki Yamazaki Commentator
Kuniaki Kobayashi Kuniaki Kobayashi Caretaker of the NJPW Dojo

Who runs bushiroad?

Takaaki Kidani
Takaaki Kidani (木谷 高明, Kidani Takaaki, born June 6, 1960) is a Japanese businessman born in Kanazawa, Japan. He is the founder and president of Bushiroad.

Who are the Njpw commentators?

NJPW Strong

  • Katsuyori Shibata, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Shigeki Kiyono (Japanese language commentators)
  • Kevin Kelly and Alex Koslov (English language commentators)

Why NJPW is the best?

The talent of New Japan is world class, and provide excitement and intensity in every match. NJPW knows how to put on a show, and offers some of the best wrestlers in the world to prove it. The promoters of New Japan have been very smart through the years, by establishing working agreements with American promotions.

Does New Japan Pro Wrestling have a women’s division?

One thing you may be surprised to know is that New Japan Pro Wrestling has no women’s division. This is because Japanese wrestling traditionally has separate promotions for men and women. While New Japan may not have a Women’s Division, there are plenty of women only promotions out there like Stardom and Sendai Girls.

Is bushiroad a Yuri company?

Kidani, the CEO of Bushiroad, have even joked about how Bushiroad have somewhat become a “Yuri Company” and how he’s actually fine with that, even if it’s still a Card Game Company first and foremost. It’s pretty obvious they know they’re catering to gay girls.

How much money does bushiroad make?

Bushiroad reported a profitable year for FY2020, with the equivalent of $15 million in net income on revenues of $316 million.

Who is Njpw champion?

Current champions

Championship Current champion(s) Location
IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Shingo Takagi Osaka, Japan
IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Kenta Osaka, Japan
NEVER Openweight Championship Tomohiro Ishii San Jose, California
Strong Openweight Championship Tom Lawlor Port Hueneme, California

Is Will Ospreay dating Bea Priestley?

5 She Is Dating Will Ospreay Bea Priestley is currently in a relationship with the NJPW star. Their most memorable moment was at the NJPW New Japan Cup final this year, where Ospreay hit Priestley with an Oscutter.