Is hiding a skill?

Hiding (Alt: Hiding) is a 1st class active skill available as Thief and Super Novice.

How do you hide Ultima Online?

The act of hiding will make you invisible to other players, but not unfindable. Shoving through someone who is hidden will give a message ‘You shove something invisible aside’. The player then has the option of casting the spell ‘reveal’ or using the skill ‘detect hidden’ if they have those abilities.

How do you raise your stealth in Ultima Online?

To use this skill you must first be hidden, If you start walking while hidden you will automatically attempt to stealth if your skill is 25 or more. The number of steps you may take between skill checks is dependent upon your stealth skill and can be seen in the table below….Stealth.

Stealth Skill Max steps possible
120 24

How do you train stealing in Ultima Online?

To train, place the specified weight of items on the pack animal and attempt to steal them. No matter whether you fail, succeed, or only steal part of the pile, take the remaining items and restack them. Pull out a new stack of the appropriate weight and put it on the pack animal. Steal again.

Can a character hide in plain sight of another player?

Characters may not hide close to creatures that are actively hostile towards them, although at higher levels of Hiding the distance between the character and the monster may be lessened. At GM Hiding, a character may hide in plain sight of a hostile monster or other player only 8 tiles away.

What skills can you use without being revealed?

You may safely use the following skills without being revealed: Detect Hidden, Lockpicking, Item Identification, Anatomy, Arms Lore, Animal Lore, Evaluate Intelligence, Forensic Evaluation, and Poisoning. If you are sufficiently accomplished you can also use Snooping, but failure will reveal you.

How far away can a character hide from hostile monsters?

At GM Hiding, a character may hide in plain sight of a hostile monster or other player only 8 tiles away. Having creatures neutral nearby to a character has no effect on the chances of concealment, just hostile ones.

What happens if you hide from monsters?

Be warned that when successfully hiding while under the attentions of powerful magic-using monsters, they will stop in their tracks and cast Reveal on the character’s last seen location. While they are occupied in this process it is wise to consider moving away from that location.